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  12. So glad this song finally made it to iTunes. Thank you for once again going to fight for our freedom. You are in my prayers and may god watch over you and all of our soldiers and may you return home safe. Thank you.

  13. Actually, while I don’t think most RJC students think/behave that way, the school does seem to produce more than its fair share of kids with this mindset even beyond these 2 recent examples.Must be a product of years of being told they are the best/smartest/elite that makes them unapologetically arrogant/narrowminded. What a shame that it tarnishes the school’s rep.

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  24. On the one hand the "left politics + gossip" combo leaves me cold. It's interesting however to identify it as such, because while it seems weird, that combo is female oriented. What if you flipped the polarity? Then it would be "right politics + gadgets/tech/science". Hmmm. Now that sounds like a lot of blogs that I read as a man.

  25. Killer photos Aaron! I wish I had the $$ and the vacation time to go to LA already. Awesome posts like this just make it worse. Also, I agree about the iced lattes v. cold brew with milk. Cold brew with milk isn’t that great, but iced lattes are awesome.

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