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  1. I love that theory, Serena. I would hate to think that Eric kills the “real” Claudine and would love it if it was an imposter who brought her to FL. I guess it’s just the bookie in me, but I don’t want Claudine to be bad or gone this soon so I’m holding out hope there’s more to it and we’ll see the real Claudine along with Niall next season.   0 likes

  2. “Third-party candidates CANNOT win…”Sounds like dualism, and you know better than that. The only constant in the politcal universe is change. Shall we agree to see what the choices are before we decide? And can we agree that the objective is to change the political landscape, and that the tool used, Democratic or Independent is less important than the change?

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  24. UN, haha.Anyway, as the superpower, we should use our resources to help those suffering from oppression and breaches of human rights. To not do so is tantamount to saying we are better than you, you don’t deserve it. Respecting sovereignty is a bull answer when that sovereignty is an oppressive dictatorship.

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  30. Thank you, Lori! It’s crazy to see how far it has come from just an idea to now a reality!! Thank you for always being such a wonderful support and positive voice in our lives!!! xoxo!

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  32. Malia, Thanks for sharing your new covers with us! The old ones have the cohesiveness that’s so important for a series, but they don’t tell the reader anything about the story. The new ones also have the cohesiveness, but they’re much more connected to the individual stories. Great job!Kenra

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