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  1. 加油,我支持你!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Why would I want to "declare on the poor?" If I wanted to do that, I would embrace your sick totalitarian system. The poor need free markets more than anyone else. That is the only think that will raise their standard of living.A communist system will result in very little wealth creation. There will be a caste system that results from a ceatialrzntion of power and economic decisions.? If you think the mixed economy we have now is bad, wait until your ideas are in place.

  3. I often struggle to distinguish fear (unfounded worry or anxiety) from legitimate, gut feelings telling me to protect myself. Often, if I can discern that I am afraid of something without good reason, I’ll go towards whatever it is that I’m afraid of. Not always the best course of action, but sometimes any action is better than inaction.My favorite Apollinaire quote is “Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”

  4. What you said made a lot of sense. But, think about this, what if you added a little content? I mean, I dont want to tell you how to run your blog, but what if you added something to maybe get peoples attention? Just like a video or a picture or two to get people excited about what youve got to say. In my opinion, it would make your blog come to life a little bit.

  5. Über so ein Bericht kann man sich aufregen. Was wollen die Wirtschaftsexperten und die Politiker eigentlich?Auf der einen Seite werden angebliche Wahlversprechen nicht einhalten, dann muß man noch lesen es sei nicht notwendig, die Familien weiter zu entlasten?Da muß man sich nicht wundern, wenn in Deutschland immer weniger Familien gründen wollen.Da bleibt nur zu sagen,daß in dieser Hinsicht andere Europäische Länder Deutschland weit vorraus sind.

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  7. Hej Mascha, jeg tror I bliver rigtig glade for den:) Jeg købte en lignende, blot af mærket Doomoo. Det positive er også at man kan sætte sit barn i den uden at det belaster ryggen lige så meget som en alm. skråstol. Pøj pøj med den:)

  8. I don’t think I’d worry about Russia invading Alaska; I think Alaskan citizens could likely outshoot Spetznaz troops. I’d worry if Russian invaded San Francisco; no one could or would defend themselves. You’d have to wait until you hid the mid-valley before you’d find citizens with guns. SFPD would be ordered not to fire back, they might harm someone’s self-esteem.BZ

  9. Cris comentou em 24 de janeiro de 2012 às 19:16. meninas makes coloridas como a essa em tons de roxo ou azul funcionam para mulatas … axo lindo,mas acabo n me arriscando mto, jah ouvir q tons de verde funcionam melhor … o q vcs recomendam ????????? bjoss

  10. I’d like to nominate Mickey Spagnola for Homer Call of the week for his performance yesterday and today on the Ticket. His downplaying of the Calvin Watkins story and denial that there are any issues with the Cowboys are classic “The Cowboys pay my salary” homerism.

  11. Si Paolo, indubbiamente l’Iran ha delle leggi assolutamente contrarie ai diritti umani, però tecnicamente è una democrazia. Fittizia, parziale, controllata da preti finché vuoi, ma è una democrazia, a differenza, ad esempio, della vicina Arabia Saudita. E si potrebbe forse anche sostenere che comunque l’Iran sia più democratico oggi di quanto non lo fosse ai tempi dello Scià finanziato dagli USA, ma questo penso sia un dibattito da lasciare agli iraniani. Facciamo un giochino: quale di questi due paesi ha una costituzione: o ?

  12. Yo este año he volado a Menorca desde Bilbao y he de decir que la tripulación es encantadora pero los aterrizajes y despegues en ambos aeropuertos han sido muy fuertes y hacía myu buen tiempo y sin viento. No sé por que pasó eso… Cuando fuí a Tenerife tenía mucho miedo a volar pero los pilotos y azafatas me ayudaron muchísimo. Para mí es una aerolínea excelente.

  13. A mi los Gaziano Girling me encantan, yo tengo un par del modelo rothschild. Para mí son un buen complemento para romper la sobriedad de mi zapatero. La calidad es extraordinaria. Se me olvidaba yo no los compré en París sino en la Row. Cómo os gusta combinar los chetwynd marrones?. Un dandys

  14. Bay, I agree that they brought him in to make that deep throw, it just seems odd that they wouldn’t ask their starter to attempt that throw, assuming he can. Are they doing that by design, or by necessity? If it is by necessity, I expect there to be a few more hiccups along the way.

  15. Randall. The article is about the photos and filming of war and the atrocities. The point is not as a professor of direct knowledge of war in real time, but in it’s manipulation of images that others are able to witness and respond to in their own way. The view of Sociologists about human kind and war, such as the late C. Wright Mills’ edited comments, are based on an understanding of humankind. Anyone ‘living in peace’ at home is only at peace if they can segregate themselves from all of the suffering and feel ‘unmolested by steel and blood.’ Not all of us can do that.

  16. utilisateurs ou comptes ?Perso, je connais déjà une 1/2 douzaine de personnes qui ont plusieurs comptes. Pour x raisons, dont notamment celle de séparer vie privée et boulot, le changement de vie privée…Quand à moi, comme madame, j’ai un compte, de là à dire que je l’utilise…

  17. jeg fik en gang en blodtud af en lille fedtet knyttet hÃ¥nd, som tilhørte en et-Ã¥rig…….(hun er tilgivet)….hidsig og trodsig.Det mÃ¥ være trist at sige farvel til NoaNoa, men vildt fedt at sige goddag til Tante Grøn :-)Jeg hÃ¥ber du bliver rigtig glad for “tanten”

  18. Thanks, Butterfish.That's the main idea. If you're not inspired or at least having some fun, then why bother? :)Maxwell Thank you for the heads up. I'll see what I can do to fix the problem.

  19. I had mine done about 2 years ago – it was like having a face lift as I had the end done higher than the natural line, only problem is that some people with oily skin do not 'take' the tattoo and it fades after a couple of months. Had it done 3 times in the following month but it would not take so I have very feirnt tatoo lines – still makes it quick to pencil in over them though as it is already mapped out!Your look amazing! Wish mine had stayed!

  20. W tym roku juz nie wykorzystam przepisu bo mam już ciasta nastawione ale może w przyszłym. Co innego zwróciło moją uwagę skąd Basiu o tej porze roku ostałaś taki plaster miodu :-). Pozdrawiam

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  23. PassantI was talking more about Africa than India with the part of the comment you highlighted. It’s obviously difficult to do persuasive counter-factual history, but “African-Americans are better off having been brought to the USA” has obvious problems even if we ignore the 200 years of chattel slavery.@BleddynI’m a big believer in free speech. Ken’s entirely right that blasphemy laws are just tools for oppression of dissent. C.S.P. is still wrong about why the Muslim world is the way it is, and what will improve the situation.

  24. This is just WRONG!!! So much so, that I took the opportunity to try a method I learned on lifehacker.com. If you just insert ‘kiss’ after ‘www.’ you will be able to save any YouTube video as an .flv file. So as WRONG as this video was, I can now replay it anytime and shake my head. (and LMAO!)GaryO

  25. etc and if anything is cut and pasted or if paraphrased without a reference it is an immediate fail. The student is cautioned and then given extra tuition about how to reference their work. Second time they have to redo the semester (at a financial cost). Third time suspended from the university. It is easy in science because you can always ask, ‘How do you know that?’ “Where did you read it?’ ‘Why isn’t it referenced then?’In the humanities I guess a computer program is necessary to find the cheaters. What a minefield that must be? You have my sympathy Gov, It must be a tough job.

  26. Thank you, Rik! Glad you enjoyed the interview. Sherry is an inspiration to me– and I’m so happy to have her on my blog today. Good luck with your entry!Please visit each week on Sunday to meet other authors from now until December 16th, that day is when I will have my release party for my new book. -Virginia

  27. Ann. Excellent photo. These four look like they are out to have some fun in the sun. Watch out.Do you think it’s the camera angle or is CMG a little larger than 12Z? There is no question that 12Z has the most impressive ears in the little herd. His demeanor is very Z.

  28. Wat een prachtige uitleg over spiritualiteit. Heel mooi dat u schrijft dat spiritualiteit in gewone alledaagse dingen kan zitten zonder meteen aan een geloof te denken. Ik denk wel dat mensen ook graag ergens bij willen horen. Het is best altijd fijn om samen met gelijkgestemde mensen mooie dingen te delen en er over te praten. Dank u voor dit stuk, dat ik nu zelf ook beter kan uitleggen wat spiritualiteit allemaal kan zijn.

  29. I admit, I have not been on this website in a long time, however it was joy to find it again. It is such an important topic and ignored by so many, even professionals! I thank you for helping to make people more aware of these issues. Just great stuff as per usual!

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  32. Update – I didn't have any regular diced tomatoes in the pantry, so I improvised using Mexican spicy tomatoes, and wow – my taste buds are in love with you. I took some photos, despite the lack of good sunlight – if they turn out, I'll do a post about this soup tomorrow. Otherwise I'll have to make another batch during daylight hours. Fantastic soup!Thanks so much,Patricia

  33. C’est un peu stupide de ne pas pouvoir annoncer le concours sur sa fan page, savez vous pour quelle raison Facebook ne veuille pas qu’on fasse cette annonce dessus ? Puisque le but c’est d’avertir ses fans… Ca n’a aucun sens ??!Patricia recently posted..

  34. Love those little donkeys. They are sweet and nuturing. I love their personalities and communication. They didn’t talk with me like they did with you, but we certainly communicated.

  35. Why did Ex Cia agent Bin Ladin turn against the USA? Was it because he provide information about Disses working in Europe who where responsible for inhumane actions or because you simply fired him over truthfull information? I'm not saying Ladins actions are correct , but why would somebody in his possition turn so far away from the his own employer?

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  38. Rush is bigtime favorite of this blog. We’ll argue about other players – but were usually in agreement about Rush’s value to this team on both sides of the ball. If I were a crying man – I’d have been bawling… I’ve played a lot of sports and seen a lot of injuries – and this looked devastating. I pray Brandan can come back strong. Azibuke – never was the same.

  39. You have three choices. 1. Take out a loan2. Apply for a credit card ASAP. You can use that to rent a car.3. Borrow a car from friends/family till you get your first paycheck. You can use that paycheck to get a loan from a dealer for a car. Though I do not question your job position I do question the acceptance for a job that requires no experience into the field (i’m assuming since you’re 19) and pays $100K.

  40. M. Montel, vous êtes tellement mauvais commentateur pour le basket que si, France télé est bien une poubelle pour les matchs. C’est un supplice pour quelqu’un qui aime ce sport que de vous subir en fond sonore.Vous voulez nous faire plaisir ? Facile, venez bien commenter à 21h, on aura au moins une heure tranquille. Les bières englouties avant votre arrivée au micro nous rendront vos braillements incessants et analyses d’inculte beaucoup plus doux.

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  42. You're right, it's totally inappropriate for people to ask that. It's so hard to come up with an answer that both educates people and as K grows doesn't make her feel like it's something to hide. I like Becky's idea of responding with a questions like "Why do you ask?". It gives you some insight and also gives you some additional time to decide how to respond =)

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  44. ah! j’ai adoré aussi! Je l’ai lu il y a bien longtemps (probablement juste après sa sortie), mais je m’en souviens encore nettement. D’une traite aussi.Tiens, je suis en train de lire « fenêtre panoramique » sur tes conseils. J’aime beaucoup, mais, je la sens mal, la fin… ché pas pourquoi…

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  47. This is simply beautiful! Love the pretty color scheme, your darling image and wonderful coloring, the design, stitching, and all the fabulous embellishments. Thank you for sharing this gem with us at Stamptacular Sunday Challenge. Hope to see you again next week! :^)Hugs, Penny

  48. Funny thing is that people don’t always learn so easily. Sarah Palin was shocked to find whites were a minority in Hawaii when she attended UH. She dealt with this by (yet again) switching universities. (this according to her father)

  49. Marisa,Thank you for doing this post! I think you have provided several interesting tidbits about Argentina! I love posts where you learn about another culture and their struggles with education. I like that you touched on the H1N1 virus and how these types of viruses impact education and make it necessary for schools to offer some type of e-learning.

  50. I am once again reminded of what is deep inside of us… As creatures with feelings we often forget what is directly in front of us. Being in the moment is quite hard with our wordly distractions. But we must make a conscious effort. Thank you for this peaceful reminder![]

  51. Oops, that sounded misogynistic. I meant that women tend to lose sleep over worry, more than men, IMHO. The poodle image is one I see of myself, but I mean it in a humorous way. Sad, but humorous.

  52. 07/05/2011 – 1:12pmObjetivo retrasar el alirón? El objetivo será seguir luchando hasta que se matemáticamente imposible, digo yo… Marca finalmente tira la toalla? y la conjura? y las remontadas históricas? Atrasar el alirón?? no sé como non tienen verguenza de decir eso (bueno si que lo sé, no tienen verguenza). Si a estas alturas alguien dice aún que Marca es imparcial… que lo metan en un siquiátrico de por vda.

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  54. swojÄ… drogÄ…, wypowiedz z notki pod pierwszym odcinkiem: „I plan to direct an independent film of Last Blood in 2007, with shooting currently scheduled for September. This comic is a graphic novel of the film’s story, which will run for about 100 pages. Sequels and prequels are planned as well, so this site will be up for a long time”Makowiec miaÅ‚ racjÄ™.

  55. you were flying non-stop on JetAirways from Delhi to Nairobi. That's impossible. It's certainly possible that you're flying from Delhi to Mumbai on Jet, then on a codeshare to Nairobi, but that's not what you said.And until you post pictures of your passport pages showing the VOA you got in Jakarta, the entry stamp you got in Delhi, and the entry stamp you'll get in Nairobi, I'm going to call BS for this entire "trip."

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  59. ……GuitouProbably, yes, people in these latitudes are even more fanatic about football than in Europe. Their was this pretty sloppy book, in my opinion, by a guy named Tony Mason called “Football in South America. Passion of the people?” That attemted to answer this question, and unfortunately only managed to reach a series of stereotyped and contrived conclusions about the subject.

  60. Not everyone would agree with me but my 10 week old is sleeping happily in my homemade Moby Wrap as I type. I have 3 boys, 2 of which are home school age. I wouldn’t get anything done if we didn’t use it. I have about 7-8 different carriers (some expensive) and this is by far my favorite. Go to Hobby Lobby with a coupon and you can make 2 for $20-$25. And we co-sleep at night. I already see a few glimmers of hope that it’s getting “better”. I’m trying to enjoy the littleness of her and still get things done.[]

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  62. I always feel so encouraged after I read something written by Richella! I am guilty of comparison especially during the holidays when everyone seems to be going overboard with decorations and gifts and yummy food! Instead of focusing on what I lack, I want to use the inspiration of other people to make myself better too.

  63. they made, that will be fine, but N1 is a set of necessary being does not necessarily means that it will lead to C2. And that is actually one of the reason that why Christians think that God is personalized. It is the will of God led him to the creation of the world. Also, why C2 was necessary to exist? C2 is by nature a coincidental being. For my point of view, any thing can replace C2, and it may finally cause our current world, or not. Although I am not a Christian, I think it is not easy to prove that No One creates the world.(sorry to have u read english, i am in the library@-@)

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  69. I reccomend a practice called the “morning sitting” rather than the pages, although I did do that for a while and it’s a good mental/emotional purge, the sitting is a centering that begins the day (whenever/however that can be accomplished w two kids). It’s worked wonders for me.

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  71. I would love a Dachshund to win this year as I hope happens every year. This year means even more to me as my 16 Dachshund (Schnitzel) passed away in June. Weenie as we called him had the courage of a lion, but he was a very kind soul. I am even trying to get booked on the show NY INK to get a memorial tattoo of Weenie.

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  75. Ha! Good Riddance. I should have tossed you into the Spam folder along with the Russian hookers and snake oil salesmen days ago. I agree this thread is getting old. Andrew has not asked me out again so the point is mute really.

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  79. Vi chiedo: ma perché la questione maschile deve avere, per forza di cose, una connotazione politica?Perché non dovrebbe e non potrebbe trascendere sia la destra che la sinistra? Perché gli uomini che se ne occupano hanno un assoluto bisogno di politicizzarla? Perché non sono in grado di andare oltre gli schieramenti? Perché questi limiti?

  80. I was active. I bet you a lot of people who never missed Sacrament couldn’t say they did all the things I did to serve the Lord and honor my beliefs. Hell, if all I had to do is go to church on Sundays, my life would be gravy.

  81. I was the only girl in the office for four years when I worked in IT. We would chat about all kinds of stuff, bitch about each other and laugh lots – then all go down to the pub at dinnertime for a pint. I fucking loved it.

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