Valentine’s Day


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  1. Pas que des marionnettes… Aussi de méprisables marionnettistes qui jouent avec les français comme si ces derniers n’étaient que des marionnettes de chiffon manipulables exploitables et insultables à souhait. Ils doivent rendre des comptes.

  2. Shane- great to see you online. I have actually seen the photo of the humanities building before. My question is who is on the top floor…. must be Human Development, huh? Camp is going great. The kids and the porcupines miss you here. Looking forward to hearing your new music… live Love you!

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  5. A lot of Tracey Weiler signs have been knocked down and destroyed. Liberal and NDP signs seem to be intact from my personal observations. Funny that.I hope the voters of KW send Dalton a strong message today.

  6. Mold….Me, I simply state what I know and can attest to. Why does this bother you? Well can you attest to some of what you know now? !!! Instead of just stating you know? It doesnt bother any of us and I doubt it bothers SPC, we await with baited breath just one glimmering of a fact from the cesspool of your insanity.

  7. Absurdzie wybierasz głupie wypowiedzi duchownych i sie nimi afiszujesz, jednocześnie ignorując mądre wypowiedzi duchownych wiodące do ocalenia duszy. Zatem jesteś ukierunkowany na zepsucie, a można by powiedzieć że i działanie obłudne. Jak widzisz – faryzeizm i inkwizytyzm to postawa niezależna od religii, i można by powiedzieć że po prostu świecka

  8. Shawn, this image was only the start of a few great shots! You must be kicking yourself right about now!Will have to catch up next time at the wedding. Not long now!!!

  9. Most likely a split. Here’s the explanation from BA:“Much like the Mariners did with No. 2 overall pick Danny Hultzen, the Nationals had to sign third-rounder Matt Purke to a minor league contract before they could assign him to the Arizona Fall League. Washington signed him to a major league deal at the August deadline.”

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  11. Dc I picture In a room surrounded In speakers microphones and key boards. Suspended from the ceiling with with leads attached to your body eating records and staring at a computer screen..This is an awesome song > Its catchy and beautifully produced..Love the intro to verse and swift chorus…Has a big sound too. Strings sound lovely. Everything is where it should be…Lovely structure…Only Bitch would be the 1.58 mark but still it then stepped up into a ripping solo and souded ver gut….King of structure.(90percent)

  12. im usually a minor in womens/juniors hence near was this especially cute shirt on the contrary in a medium, thus achieve you identify if the sizes are a lil substantial or else a lil small? older armada, ravine, banana republic and too athleta are all “partners” sorta…so rider you identify regarding older flotilla otherwise gap then it’ll probably be present the same with piperlime too.. show gratitude you!!.

  13. Back to to the real context, what a neophyte Web vistor to sees as of about one minute ago:Just thinking out loud, but maybe the way to solve that is to move them out of neophyte status as quickly as possible? I can't remember the last time I saw an ad on a G**gle blog. Firefox and adblock take care of that.Speaking of Firefox, anybody else downgraded back to 3.6 lately? I just couldn't stand the crashing.

  14. good video, just one thing-people who study old school kung fu (people like me) study target areas of the human it what you will=dim mak, death strike, preasure point all should teach same skills—some people may not teach or do not know but many do teach how and where to strike.please keep in mind i say this with respect-what you teach is good combat skills,keep up the good job.

  15. Lembro do ano passado, quando ele falou de Abu Dhabi algo do tipo: 'Essa é a pista mais moderna da atualidade. Por coincidência, também é a mais chata'.Sempre gostei do Sutil (mesmo dentro da pista, sério) e me agrada muito ver um piloto que não sai por aí dando declarações plastificadas sobre como-a-pista-é-um-grande-desafio-e-estou-ansioso-para-a-largada. O modo como fala de Montreal, como critica Ecclestone, como destila críticas ferozes a Tilke faz de Sutil um cara indispensável no grid.

  16. I have Silver Sky, which is probably not the best shade for me because the lighter color is purplish and I have fair skin, so it looks like I have bruised eyes. I am going to watch a video demonstration to make sure I apply it right, because I think that is part of the problem.

  17. ontem eu fiquem com o menino mais bonito da sala todas as meninas queriam namorar com ele + ele n quis ai na hora do recreio ele me chamou ai ele disse assim (vc quer namorar com migo) ai eu fiquem sem geito ai eu disse assim (é claro q eu quero) ai ele disse vc sabe beijar na boca ai eu disse ñ então eu disse a ele pesquisa na internet q a gente sabe como é q se beija então a gente seguio td q a gente sabia então deu tudo certo ontem foi o melhor dia da minha vida <3

  18. Nunca imaginé al escribir ese post que sería tan trascendental en esos momentos. Para mí era una deuda pendiente. Me alegro de haberte sido de alguna ayuda.Estaré atento a tu nueva metamorfosis 2.0, y deseoso de seguir aprendiendo y compartir conocimientos contigo, como ha sido desde que te conozco.Abrazos.

  19. un frustrat..”alooo, ma agreseaza!! sariti lumee..”,”mi-a trantit usa,martori..” gen “aloo, eu exist dar nu ma observa nimeni, in spectacol ma pot da doar in fata unor comunitari.. sunt vedeta la mine pe palier..” si..daca aia nu ridicau masina facea pe interesantu ca masina e parcata pe trotuar si nu are loc sa isi plimbe potaia.. ne-am umplut de corporatisti frustrati, si de aplaudaci..

  20. We did not pray the Te Deum at Mass this morning. Tomorrow is just a plain Tuesday in England; in one of the two churches of the parish I attend there will be no Mass at all, so I do not have much hope for the Veni Creator either…

  21. Lol! Can you tell I’m a bit of a skeptic (it sounds nicer than cynic!) It’s not fair of me to judge the show, I had only watched it a handful of times before Season 7, (gee, I wonder how I got sucked into that one) and only two or three times since. tofan, as obscure a choice as it was for a 17 yr old, and hidden message or not, it is one of my favorite performances on that stage from him. Another one of those you would love to hear him sing in its entirety.

  22. Ico falando apenas do pormenor do anúncio público da impunidade de Nelsinho e Pat Symonds agora você falou tudo : é juridicamente ridiculo.Eu sou Advogado e nunca vi em lado algum aquele que comete um crime saber de antemão que não vai ser punido apenas porque colaborou, apenas já vi atenuações de pena para arrependidos e nunca exclusões de culpa, é uma vergonha do Sr. Mosley que devia ser denunciada internacionalmente, uma prepotência e uma instrumentalização de meios legais inaceitável.

  23. Vous connaissez beaucoup d’enfants capables de s’arrêter de s’empiffrer de chocolat, bonbons, frites, gateaux…C’est aux parents d’apprendre à l’enfant à se restreindre de lui-même: cela s’appelle l’éducation. Et à mon humble avis, c’est bien plus efficace que l’interdiction pur et dur qui engendre une frustration que le jeune adulte s’empressera de résoudre en consommant le genre de produits qui lui était interdit dans sa jeunesse.

  24. How times have changed, there is no denying that Liverpool have been a bigger draw for players for a long time but im starting to belive Spurs are seriously on the UP and Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and even Man Utd are on the decline. IM not saying were going to win the league anytime soon but after being a midtable team for years its exciting to be kicking the so called Big 4 off there purch at the top of the table. COYS!!!!!!!!

  25. Oscar Niemeyer…esse sim deixará saudades!. “O arquiteto dos arquitetos”. Poucas cabeças agiam como esse ícone da arquitetura brasileira. Deixou seus legados para que possamos apreciá-los. Se cada brasileiro em sua área de atuação fosse sério como esse homem, nosso país seria outro. nossas vidas teriam um sentido maior.

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  27. Gorące pozdrowienia dla zespołu i sympatyków. Miło mi gościć na stronie, która jest po prostu świetna. Zrobić dobre zdjęcie jednej osobie to już coś. Ale sześciu osobom, z których każda jednocześnie w autentyczny sposób wyraża coś innego, to dopiero kunszt. Jak i same koncerty. Nieopisywalne emocje.

  28. CarlPatrickBecause Capitalists are murderers, monsters and thieves. It is a curse word. They must be regulated, controlled, watched closely and most of all Punished rapidly after they transgress. They and everything they claim is the property of the people of this country. We own them, they don’t own us, but they will spend no expense and will respect no law to ensure that everyone believes they do.

  29. Creo que Tim Burton tiene tres obras cumbres en su carrera: Eduardo Manostijeras, Ed Wood y Big Fish, mis preferencias van en este orden aunque cualquiera de las tres me parece sumamente imprescindible. No incluyo a Pesadilla antes de Navidad porque en ésta no ejercía como director sino como productor pero también es una de sus obras destacas.

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  35. I’m also a big X-Com fan, my first game of that was Terror from the Deep. You had that spookyness going about and many levels of strategy to deal with. You had the base stuff, the hunting the UFO and then them crashing into the water or dealing with them on land.

  36. AFJ. B.L.H. 1. I honestly can’t remember if book one had a mermaid picture or not – I wrote it five years ago and I’ve forgotten some of the details. 2. I was asked to write a book of about 60,000 words – but I asked if I could make it 75,000 – so, yes, I guess I did choose the number of pages, up to a point. 3. I don’t know if 13 chapters is too much – I don’t know what you’re writing or what market you are writing for – the best way of deciding is to check the length of a book similar to the one you are writing and then work it out from there. 4. Frewin is my Middle Name, yes.

  37. I do enjoy the manner in which you have presented this particular situation and it really does give us a lot of fodder for consideration. Nonetheless, through everything that I have observed, I basically hope when the actual comments pile on that men and women continue to be on point and don’t get started on a tirade regarding the news du jour. Yet, thank you for this superb piece and even though I can not really go along with it in totality, I respect your perspective.

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  39. This is messed up! Willie would have been great to watch, just like Russel was, a bad guy keeps things interesting. It looks like Dan was in the middle of the fray, he’s sporting a big scratch down his face. I agree with Pearl, they should have let the live feed viewers see what happened, that’s why you spend all that time watching, to see something “go down”.

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  41. + J.It is a double standard, no question.It could be likened to African American people addressing each other by the “N” work. It’s acceptible for them to do so to each other, but for no one else.It would appear, that some feel that if you’re gay than it’s okay to go one another in such a negative way, but if anyone else does it…..Problem is, there is nothing empowering about it.I have even seen it happen here!Be the change you wish to see in the world.

  42. Deutsche Experten bewerten den NATO-Gipfel in Chicago als “teilweise erfolgreich”. Die Beschlüsse zu Afghanistan führten kaum zu einem Meinungswandel. Eine Stärkung der internationalen Partnerschaften konnte nur “mittelmäßig” demonstriert werden. Besonders skeptisch schätzen die von der Atlantischen Initiative befragten Think Tanker, Akademiker und Fachjournalisten die Smart Defence Initiative ein, mit der die Allianz Effizienz bei Rüstungsausgaben fördern will. — Joerg Wolf, ““, Atlantische Initiative, Deutschlands Agenda, 21.08.2012.

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  45. Brilliant but just one question..How when i open my cut out image into a new background, how do i keep it as just the bit i cut out when i go the image? (as soon as i go it, i am moveing the cut out part so that i get the background instead of the image – so in my case, i get a horse shape, but just the background/some parts of the horse from the original photo) it’s kind of hard to clarify..

  46. Det där med utländska läkare kan faktiskt bli ett problem, jag har tre gånger fått läkare som jag inte ens kunnat förstå. Tycker det verkar vara pinsamt låga krav på svenska språket, just som läkare känns det ju extra viktigt. Hoppas det löser sig för dottern nu.Kram

  47. Ok…1. They decrease engine longevity to make that sound, by purposely throwing the engine timing off. No thanks. 2. Why are you riding a motorcycle for a stereo? Priorities… 3. Comfort…good sitting still, but how comfortable is lugging 700 pounds all day? 4. Wrong sport riders in your area. 5. LMAO 6. Torque? In comparison to HP a HD makes…yea the torque is pretty high. Still not enough. 7. Cant compare cruiser looks with sport looks…different worlds. 8. All that support for a reason.

  48. Hallo zusammen,seit April schlage ich mich mit einer Plantarfasziitis und als Folge davon mit einer Sehnenansatzentzündung (reizbedingt, nicht bakteriell!) im rechten Fuß herum. Die Schulmedizin (Physiotherapie, Kortisonspritzen, Stoßwelle) hat quasi nichts bewirkt. Das Ganze ist ziemlich schmerzhaft und verhindert jede Art von Sport, bei der die Füße gebraucht werden. Gibt es gegen dieses Krankheitsbild ? Für Antwort wäre ich sehr dankbar.Beste GrüßeM. Bötig

  49. The heart of your writing while sounding agreeable originally, did not sit perfectly with me after some time. Somewhere throughout the paragraphs you actually were able to make me a believer but only for a short while. I however have a problem with your jumps in assumptions and you would do nicely to help fill in all those gaps. In the event you can accomplish that, I would certainly end up being amazed.

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  52. stimmt! Es ist sehr spannend und ich bin auch ganz aufgeregt, weil gerade alles an seinen Platz fällt, von dem ich gar nicht wusste, dass es gar nicht auf seinem Platz war. Ich freue mich, dass du gespannt mitliest … und hey, ich bin mitgespannt, wo das noch genau hinführt! @SilkeHihi. Da brauchts noch etwas mehr Ãœbung, aber genau das mach ich ja mit dem Himbeerwerft-Blog. @MariaDas freut mich!

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  54. why even have a thumbs down? the 1 star was used just a bit more than 2,3 and 4 stars. i see your point that favorites is similar but favorites is all about saving it as a bookmark for finding later.

  55. I saw Not Quite Hollywood the other week – a very clever, funny documentary about Seventies Ozploitation films: it gave a good sense of precisely the kind of weirdness in the Australian national psyche that you are talking about, the weird pockets of repressiveness and puritanism that survive in a culture that the outside world thinks of as easy-going and fun-loving.

  56. Hi DarrenThanks for your comment.You are absolutely right, by giving to others you will receive in return. This is no mumby jumbo feel the power of the universe theory, its just life.You do a good turn for someone and they want to do one for you in return. No “Secret” just reciprocation.Glad you like the post.CheersAnthony

  57. Bravo pour ces illustrations qui rendent l'immunologie plus digeste. Une seule petite correction : Saint-Cyr pour les lympho B c'est bien la moelle osseuse (Bone marrow) , mais pour les lympho T c'est le Thymus.

  58. btw dude please blow urself up and do soem good to society, we dont want porki maggots in this world. u guys havent contributed shit to society, u solely unfold terror. QOM QOM kya laga rakha hai tum saalay woh maggot ho jo suar ki tutty mein paida hota hai aur phir apni maa aur bahen chod ke apne ne liye ek inbred mentally challenged baccha paida karta hai….if? u dont consider look within the mirror and ask ur dad/brother where u come from. LOL fkn MAGGOT!!

  59. Hace ya tiempo que no salgo a ninguna casa rural, pero tengo que reconocer que es un descanso que me gusta realizar de vez en cuando. Lo pasas muy bien con gente que aprecias. La parte de gironella, gracias a vuestro portal, ha sido muy explorada por mi gente.

  60. Now, I think I’ve seen pork chops rubbed with cocoa before, and then with coffee separately, but never both together. I never actually tried it myself – it sounds really interesting… something for dinner next week I think. I’m really curious how it will taste!

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  62. There are quite a few that are new to me on your list…I’ll have to check them out. Pam Andersen’s How to Cook Without a Book was my first big cooking “breakthrough”. I’ve subscribed to several cooking blogs with recipes and haven’t bought a cookbook in quite a while.

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  65. The technology to determine someone’s ancestry from their DNA does not exist. Period.Every few months we see a story like this where the whitest white guy turns out to have ancestors from Burkina Faso or something, or some Mongolian goatherd is allegedly part English based on DNA studies. It’s all 100% bogus.

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  67. The whole "number of characters left" feature for commenting is horrible. Yes, it does tell me how many characters are left, or that I've gone over the 500 character cap, but when it slows my typing speed down it's frustrating. Then, if I want to change something in the post, it's just as excruciatingly slow to delete and re-type it. Basically it's forced me to use Notepad to type out posts which negates the usefulness of knowing how many characters I have left.In short the feature is more of a hindrance and an annoyance than really good and useful.

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  69. Aslynn wrote:"-> Ever called a woman on it?"Well, I've called people of both genders on it. Generally it serves as an opportunity for continued denial. "Gosh, if you can't take a joke…" yhat kind of thing. Rarely, higher denial: "What makes you think you have insight into my motives?" To sum up, in my experience calling them has never been very productive. Your experience?

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  73. Interesante reportaje. Las tomas me encantan…Y el epílogo muy bueno, me gusta mucho las reflexiones "filosóficas" que nos dejas, a los seguidores del blog, de esos momentos que pasas, tan únicos para cualquier persona…Enhorabuena Saleina!

  74. The H1 will need the 2.0 firmware update if you don’t already have it. That will let you use it as a USB mic. I don’t know if you’ll need a powered USB hub between it and the camera connection kit. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone try that set up yet. I’m curious as to whether or not it will work.

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  76. You should expose such fake emails. During the past election in TN, there was such an email claiming that the state of Gujarat had paid off all its loans and has a deposit of 1 lakh crores in WB or IMF. Whoever I talked to believed that and praised Modi. Is there any proof for that?

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  81. Years ago the Washington Post ran a "best excuse for missing work" contest. The winner was, "The voices told me to stay home and clean all the guns."

  82. I LOVE this card! Colours are amazing, and I really like what you've done with the twine! Brilliant detail. Just fantastic. This is the type of male card I'd love to create xx

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  91. Thanks for posting this. Everyone should watch this if they have cable. This show changed my life…I learned so much about what true sacrifice is all about & what really loving your country means.

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