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  1. 你沒事吧?!!
    不論怎樣我們這群組仔組女都會係背後撐你啊 🙂 Cheer up!

  2. Discussions about the Israel/Palestinian conflict have been largely limited to Jews and Arabs. It is essential that the discussion be enlarged to include the 97% of the US population who are neither Jews or Arabs.If that happens, it will have a transformational effect on the debate.

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  4. been there. been there exactly. my sons first ride i cried behind shades too.. and i'm pretty sure i followed the boys and yelled whenever they slightly picked up speed. and then i cried some more.. but it was the highlight of his life. and now sadly, he wants to go every single day. and that moment was over 2 years ago now.i have a fear because my husband was nearly killed on one, so the letting go and trying to find what is 'right' is really hard.you did good. its just one step.

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  6. and so DPL figures everything to do with the NDP is 100% perfect in everyone's mind.So DPL, what is wrong with being critical of the NDP? Are they some kind of "no go"? Something not be critical of? They are already being hypocrites as NDP back room hacks are starting to line up for lucrative lobbying positions.Sounds hypocritical since you and others were complaining exactly that coming from the BC Liberals.There's going to be far more hypocrisy coming from the NDP, you can bet your oldest edition of The Democrat on that one.

  7. Zapomniałeś dodać że jest przepełniony dobrocią i ma też złote serce. Kiedyś nawet przeprowadził przez ruchliwą jednię staruszkę. I nieprawdą jest, jak niektórzy mówią, że przy okazji buchnął jej portfel. Po prostu ta stara kobieta już zapomniała że sama mu go dała z wdzięczności za dobry uczynek.

  8. Let The Beat Build Shoot Me Down Tie My Hands You Ain’t Got NuthinHave managed to stay in my rotation. Mr. Carter comes up every once in awhile and manages to put a smile on my face. I burned out on Lollipop, Got Money, & A Milli… didn’t like any of the other songs on the album.RMF…

  9. Moi bo o artigo.Coido que dende hai moitos anos o BNG está perdendo a súa función catalizadora na sociedade galega.Fronte ao futuro non sei se é mellor ser optimista,pesimista ou realista….

  10. Hola Angel, A lo mejor me he perdido algo nuevo de este tema últimamente porque no hago más que recibir preguntas sobre ello. Mi respuesta es que no tengo respuesta. Cuando haya algo firme sobre lo que opinar, podremos formar un juicio y tener una idea de a que atenernos. De momento son todo especulaciones que no tiene sentido valorar. Un saludo y suerte, Ángel.

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  16. Pete69March 22, 2012 Overall: Very pleased with quality of the GreenSmoke cig. LOVE the flavors and cartridges seem to last longer than other brands. I do wish there were more juicing options, but overall quality wins the race and I continue using GreenSmoke. It’s just a good deal for the money (and I’m not complaining about the price). Overall, 4 stars. Would recommend to friends and family (and I do.)

  17. They were my gateway drug into all of the music that I now love. Those videos were awesome to watch, but really nothing compared to their live show when they were hot. I can’t defend Dave carrying on without Dan but I’ll always have a super soft spot for them. “Horse” is still my favorite.

  18. I used to be an iPhone fanboy…..then I seen the light -_- ….The iPhone is behind in terms of software innovation and capabilities. The dam thing STILL can’t support flash…God willing i can get my hands on this bad boy (Galaxy Note2) this week!!

  19. , someone I know IMed me to tell me that he was able to get in and claim his $40 history-based credit well under an hour after the start of the contest. I have a theory about why he succeeded while I failed, but I’m not going to state it here. I mean, SparkFun might do it again next year, right?

  20. Trzeba wziąć po uwagę, że polskich znaków diakrytycznych nie ma oprogramowaniu obcojęzycznym. Dlatego też to nie jest Jej wina, że napisała tak, a nie inaczej.

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  23. ok i hav a few issues with thjs really there is only one sexy red head on this page of five the yes five the other five obvously do not have red hair they have brown or brewnet hair. as a redhead myself i am quiteoffened

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  31. I’ve been told that the injury occurred during the first few months of the season, and also that Smith played on at the request of the team even though surgery was recommended. Word is that skating was a challenge, so it kind of explains why he didn’t look as good as expected when he was up with the Hawks. Tough kid.

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  33. Breathe! Breathe in the humid winds of Hawaii, the paradise smell of sunblock, the salt air, the smell of a breakfast on the lanai, and breathe in all of the love and support that surrounds the two of you and all the changes to come!!

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  35. Esta história passou-se com o meu pai… lembro-me, perfeitamente, dos ovos de madeira e ouvi essa história! É preciso acrescentar que havia bola no momento da recarga…não era tudo tão …fantasmagórico!!! Como filha mais velha acompanhava o meu pai em muitos treinos e jogos!!! Obrigada por me recordar esses tempos! CumprimentosManuela Correia de Brito

  36. Robert,Superstitious by whose standards? We’re in a pre-Newtonian world here. Scientific reductionism hasn’t been invented yet. Belief in material causation was not incompatible with belief in spirits. It was cutting edge stuff when Kepler (Died 1630) dumped the angel-powered celestial spheres. In our time line, Mr. Paradigm of Physics Isaac Newton was also an alchemist. That’s the state of things in Western Europe, with science is in its cradle. Do you expect paranoid “The Mongols are coming!” Russia to be a hotbed of Augustan Enlightenment?

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  38. That's looking brilliant! A lot of hard work to get it there. I'm sure you'll both be inspired and productive as a result. I'd forgotten about the board you've lined the walls of your desk area with – what a brilliant idea… remind me what it's called so I can see if I can source some pls! Thx xx

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  40. Sep28Bryan Magana Glad you clicked! Thanks so much for sharing your story. The families of people who struggle with (or embrace) same-sex attraction are such an important part of this conversation, and part of the reason I decided to speak up. Please know that I’m praying for you and your daughter. Hope you’ll find lots more encouragement. God bless you.VN:F [1.9.20_1166](from 7 votes)

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  56. Oh no! Dolly Wm…not Dierdorf?!? I simply will not watch this game. Can’t stand him. And since the Steelers will be cruising by halftime, Dierdorf will likely have the entire 2nd half to bluster & pontificate. Scary….~pemory

  57. / Observação, eu já ia esquecendo: há um erro na maneira em que os lugares foram ordenados. Vostok é o mais frio de todos, deveria ser número 1 e não número 8. Como a lista é do lugar menos frio para o mais frio, deveria ser: 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. Se a lista fosse do lugar mais frio para o menos frio, aí deveria ser: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.Gostei deste comentário ou não: 0

  58. Same here. I was waiting to kill my account. I had used PayPal to pay for my hosting just before I saw the original story. I was waiting for the payment to clear. I didn’t want to risk losing my domain and site until I knew the payment went through.

  59. Aww, I hope that your J babies feel better soon, I hate it when little ones are not feeling well!I am really proud of you taking up reading the Bible to the kiddos, I know it will do alot for you too. I highly suggest taking up Christi’s offer of visiting a church with the kids, the interaction with others who can help you teach Jaiden and Jaylen more about God’s Word will do you a world of good!Good luck with this new class too, it sounds challenging!

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  72. I’ve never thought about that before. I think you’re right though. A bad time will make me hate the race. But does the race organization factor into that? A race I did, they didn’t have enough porta potties, and the corrals were all messed up and it totally threw off my game and I had a terrible race. It’s all a vicious circle 😉

  73. Brian,Last night, I successfully completed both a Linux and Windows server frontend to backend application installation and sent screen shots to the company interviewing me. The Senior Engineer gave me a thumbs up. Now, the waiting begins to see if I landed the gig. Either way, the stretch felt good but I’m pushing the recruiter to sell me!!

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  75. Exactly why would anyone include the National Socialist movement in the right wing?Except Stalin, of course, who did for the same reason he dubbed Trotsky right-wing — power.

  76. Loving the symbolism in this post. Although, I could care less about the superbowl – lol. I’m a native Chicagoan, wanted the Bears to win – but didn’t lose any sleep though.

  77. Oh dear Dolly, I am just blushing here:) Thank you so much for this lovely touchy words, indeed very motivating to me:) Hmmm, no big secret, sweet heart…its you, you'll the fellow bloggers keep me sustained in this blogosphere.:) I really enjoy coming online and visiting everyones place…and ofcourse it gives me happiness to rant about something and update my food recipes every single day. It just makes my day perfect.:)

  78. lella scrive:ohh,miche, ma sai che anche io ogni tanto li tiro fuori dalle scatoline e li dispongo in ordine cromatico (o per collezioni)? anche io ormai ne possiedo una cinquantina, manco una limited edition ma pazienza, ed insieme sono spettacolosi

  79. Fantastic, Michelle! And – I should perhaps let slip to ABBA readers – written despite no electricity and difficulties practically amounting to LIVING in the 18th century and still managing to contact the 2Oth.Such is the calibre of ABBA bloggers.

  80. I have the Makins Professional Ultimate extruder and have not had problems with stripping threads. I use Premo clay. But, I have not used the small spaghetti looking discs. I make my “plug” to go into he extruder and then roll it in my hands to warm it up and make it thinner than the barrel before loading. The makes the clay softer. wonder if you can keep the clay soft by using a hair dryer on the outside of the barrel. i have never had problems with hard clay from previous projects. i never leave clay in the extruder..

  81. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!

  82. Yey! I am so happy that you guys seeing good things over and over, progress and happiness. And glad that oleg petrovich has been good to work with as well. This is at first for me to see the boys joining in voluntary in the concert for dancing! Even though its a mock, that isimpressive! Xo

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