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  1. Brain imaging shows that infants are burstingwith mental actiyitv.Everything is new,absorbing,and exciting to them.I like babies for that very reason, their wonder at the world is as clear and obvious as their amazement.As for adults, I rather hear a baby cry and whine all day than listen to a grownup for ten minutes.

  2. Every so often, I really just speculate, can folks be so ridiculous? You can find youngsters at my institution who’re my political and clever then a idiotic grownups who voted for him and worship him? This guy is corrupting The states. I frequently hope I really could proceed to ANY state aside from this dump!

  3. So cool! Ran and I laughed out loud at your comment about the plane being like a hot-rod. Captain Larry Holeman would be proud of you for getting in that plane – and loving every second. I am going to send him the link to this entry!

  4. This is atually how we approach the djinn in North African and Near Eastern sorcery. We treat them like strangers we met, often using a liason to hook us up. Respectful, but cautious. Extremes of either end can be really messy. Treat them all like they are monsters and they will be just that, give them free reign and they will take you for a ride. Respectful caution is the way to go. Interesting, this approach is likely more in line with the traditional roots of goetia as part of the necromantic and shamanic practices of the Mediterranean region.

  5. Love how both frocks are a bit frilly – I had a rare pink'n'girly phase when I volunteered to have a dress like the 2nd one for my 8th birthday party (I secretly still hanker after it, a bit). They both look amazing on you – and Jon's decreed that you must now be drip-dry for carboots!!! – but I'm with you on being easy to spot in the aisles. That packaging on your new iron is gorgeous – you are brave with these old electricals.

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  8. CHUCKLES….remember we’re trying to cleam up this site…hearne…take thatonedown….you don’t need that kind of trash.But…if you consider the source…another cranky old bald guy spewing out x rated language…then you understand why they write such trash.chuck…hows that revolution gun thing working out for you. How is the prez race working out for you? see the maps chuckles? not good for your boy…take care….you should be ashamed of yourself.

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  11. She destroyed the careers of fine Navy officers and enlisted. People left the Navy because of her. She leaves ripples reaching out far and wide. In 5 years, she will be pulling a fat paycheck, sitting behind a big oak desk, with an I Love Me wall as big as her ego. What a train wreck.

  12. A co-worker suggested I try Three Olive Grape. In his words it was the bomb. So i ran to the store and brought a bottle. I sat down with my best friend and cracked it open. We tried it straight up. UGH!. We tried to mix it with various sodas and juices but we still thought it was disgusting. It had a very harsh taste that was rough on the throat and a very bitter after taste. It did not taste high quality. It tasted like something a kid that wants to get drunk would buy. Absolutely horrible.

  13. Indeed your Christmas menu is very 'fushion'..Btw, is Pavlova Australian? I haven't made Pavlova before, as I'm not sure if the family will like the chewy texture of beaten eggwhite. Oh well, to be honest, I'd never tasted any pavlova. :PBtw, if I don't come here again, here is to wish you a Happy Christmas.

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  15. It’s bad enough that parents give their kids stupid first names, but giving them a normal middle name to go with it is a real jerk move. It’s basically saying, “Hey, I could have given you a normal name like Jack but I gave you a not-normal name instead because I like causing suffering.”

  16. Vaaaaai! cât esti de tânara! Fiica mea cea mare a împlinit acum doua saptamâni 22 de ani…Sa serbezi frumos, sa fii fericita, sa ramâi sanatoasa si chiar daca acum, un pic nostalgica, trece :)) Asa suntem toti cu cazia zilelor de nastere, indiferent ce vârsta împlinim…LA MULTI ANI!

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  18. the first time i met anita was at the community center with bev,char and marcie,getting ready for the fishfry.i will always have memories of her and her smile.we will all miss her and the memories will keep her alive in our hearts.hugs to you all!!!i d be there but not feeling my best hugs!!!!

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  20. Ich habe den Herrn Elrond nur einmal gesehen, das war schon nach dem Ringkrieg. Doch es war ein besonderer Tag für mich: Meine Hochzeit mit Eowyn in Edoras. Gekommen waren die hohen Elben aus Bruchtal und auch aus Lothlorien freilich nicht wegen unserer Hochzeit, sondern dem Begräbnis von Theoden, dem König von Rohan.

  21. it but drogba does play better on his owni liked the formation we played, reminds me of the way ac milan used to playi can see pluses with the formation and also minuses, essien does need to be played slightly towards the right to be at his best and lampard needs to stay on the leftwith essien back, perhaps we can look into some slightly ‘unbalanced formation’, like having a winger one side and a more narrow player on the otherReply

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  25. Cochran's argument (about African alleles in Boers being adaptive to Africa's climate) has nothing to do with the case. Modern humans adapted to the ice age north European climate – which defeated Neanderthals – by wearing clothes. Neanderthals had a coat of fur, combining of the two would not be adaptive. And it would take a lot longer for skin color to change than he thinks

  26. Verity sometimes that filter just fails and this Moommy sounds worse then her almost five year old. “You are hurting my feelings and I'm sad already.” Tears insue from both of us and I think oh Goodness My Mom would have told me that “This isn't what we are doing and that there is no crying.” How the heck did she hold it together almost all the time.

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  28. Letting negroes run the economy is like letting a chimp drive a school bus – all laughs at first, quickly turning to worry, then utter fear followed by a horrific crash.

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  33. they could never wear that ( as much as they want to ) when styled correctly they feel like a million bucks thats my kind of love! ps love all the pink below!xxx

  34. Man, if it’s not one thing it’s another! Have you considered asking one of the full-time/part-time caregivers to drive that mile to get him and you compensate them for gas?Shannon recently posted..

  35. de acuerdo contigo. No se puede decir que hemos alcanzado el éxito absoluto –eso nunca sucede. A lo sumo vamos alcanzando distintos niveles de éxito conforme cumplimos nuestros objetivos. Al igual que tampoco se puede “alcanzar” la felicidad, sino “ser” feliz, en la medida en que disfrutas los que consigues.Buen pensamiento Chemo. Gracias por comentar 🙂

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  37. What a great post! After reading this, it makes a lot of sense to me. Thank you for spelling it out so well…. I’m passing this along to a friend who is having trouble with her dog.

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  41. Many thanks Ymedron, I’ve corrected all the broken images you pointed out. By way of explanation, the server hosting the images recently became case sensitive, which caused the problems with some of the image links. It was very helpful to have you point all these broken images out as I had overlooked them. Thanks!

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  43. AshleyM · I really like the idea for tights/leggings/jeggings and how to wear them.Also, maybe style profiles for women in different countries? I only ask because we are going to Italy in a few months and I’ve had a hard time finding out exactly how women in Italy dress. I’ve seen a lot of style profiles done for French women, but I think that’s usually as far as it goes.(Side note: found you through Ryan’s post on FB. Cool site!)

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  45. Wow, I didn’t know it was so bad until I read some of the comments on that sf_drama site. Those are some pretty awful… people. *cough* I was too nice there. I don’t know what you’re going to be accomplish by leaving, but at least it’ll make you feel better temporarily. Something just tells me you’re not done with blogging forever. Good bye for now.

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  51. me encanta el efecto rojo sobre blanco y sobre todo para las fiestas navideñas, jjejeyo de momento sólo tengo un mini arbol de madera de Muji… pero aquí (no sé si sólo en Catalunya, o en toda España) la costumbre es que la casa se adorna de Navidad a partir de santa Lucia 13 Diciembre… Aunque no sé si aguantaré porque con estasimagenes tan bonitas q colgaís, jejejeUn abrazo!

  52. Because Darryl, if what we believe is true. If what we believe is real, and I believe it is, it will show in our lives. If not it’s not worth anything. We live out what we believe do we not, or at least we are supposed to. People are watching and what Lydia is bringing out is what people see. They are looking at our lives as well as our words. Theology is nothing if it doesn’t bring about a beautiful life. What Lydia has brought out is anything but God honoring or beautiful. That is a big problem in my opinion. If we really believe what we say, we should stand against it even among Calvinists.

  53. I don’t blame the CEOs themselves. If a corporate board offered me five million dollars, a limo, and a weekend at the Playboy Mansion, I’d say, “Um, okay!”Blame the corporate boards and other entities that offer over-the-top contracts, apparently believing the relationship between pay and performance is a linear (or even exponential) function.

  54. Thank you for this post. I see time and again how in this country we are willing to nearly ‘sell our souls’ for money and then we moan what happened. Of course, this is also a good reminder for myself. What would I do if I were in a firm that made me rich regardless of what it sacrificed. I think you are saying that there are no short cuts to prosperity and that values matter.

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  63. Mexico's problems are demographics pure and simple. They encouraged their people to have too many children, and on anti-American propaganda to boot. A century ago Mexico's population was around 18 Millon. Now they, and if we are foolish enough we, will pay the consequences of that.

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  71. I like you Tricia. I see your community garden idea as a better long term solution. When Kentucky and Florida’s new legislation is ruled unconstitutional, they should throw a few hundred million at the gardening idea.

  72. Perplexing..Not the timid type, these gangster lords. So why would the russian authorities tolerate such a provocation? What do they hope to win by allowing the muslims room to throw their weight around? Anyone?

  73. If you’ve ever seen the movie Equilibrium, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Some movie that takes place in the future about ultimate control over a society by a government/company/etc. If you’ve seen the movie V for Vendetta then that movie is also a good example. I’ve also read a book called “The Giver” and seen all the Matrix movies. The movie should also be available on Netflix. Any other suggestions?

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  75. Vanessa, I too am in the middle of a move and funds are tight but I will have them available on Monday and I promise to donate as much as I can….God Bless you for your compassion and using the one avenue that can reach so many people. I have reblogged this as well hoping to reach my followers. I hope Monnday is not too late….

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