項目: 推鉛球

First attempt: 不熟悉規則犯規被DQ
Second attempt: 砸出6.x米記錄晉身決賽=o=…………..


P.S. 我是第一次參加推鉛球項目

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  7. god this stuff is so chilling. i saw it when it first premiered a while back and every time it comes on i find myself glued to the tv not moving till its over. i love the documentary especially the rise part, but the part about how the teacher was telling that poem to the kids about jews, always makes me sick to my stomach

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  9. Mary,Thank you very much for your comment. I might use it soon as an entire entry in my blog. Cicatrizatic, you nailed it too, and thanks Tan for this post. I was tempted to copy and paste the most notorious comments in that GoV thread but your work here spared me from doing it by myself.Brandon,Did you mean "guilty button"?

  10. Ну так на больших скоростях и STM32 всосет и только ПЛИС успеет все обработать корректно. «AVR любительский чип» поржал 🙂

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  13. I only know AnnaLynne McCord from Nip/Tuck, where she was this sultry, manipulative sexpot and corrupted everyone around her. I can totally believe her in this kind of role because I knew she had the chops.This looks right up my alley, actually – I'm definitely going to give it a look. Thanks for the heads up! (It always amazes me how they can make such beautiful actresses so unattractive for certain roles!)

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  15. Chrome up until a few updates ago would allow you to SET and Maintain a Position on the screen (Size & Placement) it doesn't do that any longer and I would love to know why or am I missing something new? In the past when I would Open a new link in a new window it would Open that new window in the size and placement I had it in the past… it no longer does this its just plain Broke or you have changed the way that is set? CAN anyone help?….

  16. Nor the same designers. Both the P90 and F2000 are much better designed PDWs. Turning the SCAR into an SBR for the sake of portability is ridiculous and the ergonomics are downright dangerous. I’ll take my PS90 over this new design any day of the week.

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  18. I’m kind of embarassed to say this, but I was looking to see if you were on facebook and saw this link… I had no idea you did this! I LOVE your cards, and wish I’d found this earlier, before I bought some others that definitely aren’t as cute… Next time we have playgroup I’d love to hear about all of this! You’re so talented!

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  23. From the ages of 13-15 I lived in a one bedroom cabin with 2 siblings and 2 adults. It was so cramped and horrible. Three kids sharing a small room and adults on a pull out couch in the everything room. I still have space issues. No way would I do this.

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