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  1. Not so. When Bilbo returns from his journey, he has several years of legal wrangling to regain his own possessions because he was somewhat arbitrarily considered dead.Seeing as how Bilbo had a magic ring of invisibility AND a newfound talent for asset repossession, he could have easily re-acquired his own possessions rather easily and directly, if there WASN’T some kind of force inhibiting him from doing so.

  2. Franco, el tema que estos días me estoy yendo de vacaciones y vuelvo antes del ATP de acá, si te animas a seguir vos, seria un gusto.Es fácil, arranca con los partidos de cuartos de Viña y pegale hasta la final, el puntaje es: 2 puntos por el ganador y 1 mas si acierta la cantidad de sets.Dale animate, ademas si hay alguien sabe y que le gusta el tema de estadísticas y resultados en la Legion, ese sos vos.

  3. O livre exercício do pensamento deveria passar, antes de tudo, pelo bom senso! E foi deprimente ver alunos e professores de comunicação tratarem o assunto com tanta ironia e de forma totalmente irresponsável! Liberdade de expressão é um direito, e o direito de alguém acaba quando começa o do outro. As pessoas que são, estudam e serão a mídia foram as figuras mais bizarras desse episódio! Mais que o próprio Vitor, que se encontra visivelmente mal, logo tem argumentos nos quais se apoiar…

  4. I have yet to see a review that ranks the causes of global warming. To say that man adds to the warming is too qualitative to justify substantial impacts. If man’s impact is within the uncertainty of the data, no valid scientific conclusion can be reached. To those who say the downside to too aweful to chance no action, I remind them that this argument led to financial bailouts for the banking and Wall Street. Keep trying to convince us doubters with scientific logic, not popularity polls!

  5. Bien sur que les mots peuvent blesser … Et alors ? les blessures peuvent guérir. La vie, ça n’est que des piquants avec des roses ou des mûres au milieu. Si on veut bouffer les mûres il ne faut pas craindre de s’égratigner, et ce, malgré les recommandations du ministère. Sinon, c’est d’un ennui ….

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  8. I agree with what you said about how we wash our face twice everyday and acne still happens… its quite frustrating when my friends see me and ask “what happened to your face!??!?!” =/ and it sort of made me teared at the end of your video =(. I’ve been wanting to see a dermatologist but my mum insist that the ointments they give will cause my skin to thin and blah blah blah… sigh

  9. greetings from the library! you still haven’t bring us jalan-jalan ok! next fri we’re free we think. *hint hint* wahahahhaaha~pelf: The bad thing about going to town on Fridays is that most of the shops are closed. Maybe Saturday would be a better alternative..

  10. Dreams fly by like a thousand railroad trainsEgos steadfast like mountains in our brainsThose of us who let go will be swallowedLeft here to dieDo not look to the skyIt will not rain for youDo not look to strangersThey won’t help you throughOnly chance you gotwhen you hear the war dogs barkIs to be one up on your brother

  11. After reading this post, for a moment, I had a brief vision of the POTUS in a tank driving through the GM building. Like that Lithuanian mayor, except to the tune of Wagner’s Ride of the Valkries.It’s amazing how a few words and disconnected videos can affect the psyche.Stupidity? It’s a incurable infectious disease made manageable to some degree by quarantine, I suppose.

  12. And I love the Garden Party and spent a summer once trying to adapt it into a screenplay, just for fun. And realised that it was well beyond me but it was worth it because it meant I spent weeks reading Katherine Mansfield. I'm going to borrow the meme too.

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  15. d’airQu’est-ce qui est le plus inquiétant ? Le fait qu’on utilise des quotats ou le fait que sans ces quotats certaines personnes compétentes n’auraient jamais accès aux places qu’elles méritent à cause de leur sexe, origines, classes sociales ?

  16. Sarah Ahn · Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have forwarded this awesome top 10 to all of my family and Korean friends. As a 1st generation Korean mom it’s hard to impart what it means to be Korean to my half Korean kids but these books sure do help. My kids love Bee-Bim Bop and I love the recipe for yummy bibambap at the end of the book!

  17. Fascinating to read of the historical reminiscing from you, Dan, and Mark O, and perhaps others will be chiming in. And true to postmodern form, all this to say that labels don’t really matter, long as the tribe knows what and who they’re talking about.These historical records perhaps may be a part of the annals of some church historian, or of a roast or this-is-your-life podcast or vodcast one day for one of these friends of emergent

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  19. C’qui me frappe a force de lire les articles c’est que les « bon gars » se considère TELLEMENT comme des « god’s gift to woman »…Tsé si ils se font dire non ce n’est pas parce qu’ils sont trop mous, n’ont pas de colonnes, ne sont pas charmant…Non non…C’EST LA FAUTES DES FEMMES QUI PRÉFÈRENT les douchebags

  20. Steve, mold is an issue but not where I am at, in Paso Robles. The problem for us is going to be getting the late ripening varieties ready for harvest before the rain comes. That is the reason why we are thinning last week. Lightening the crop should help maturity.

  21. Ne t’en fais pas pour ça. Pour pouvoir infecter un programme il faut déjà y avoir accès. L’ordinateur de conduite sera totalement isolé du monde, aucune connectique accessible, rien. Enfin j’espère, sinon c’est que les concepteurs sont particulièrement stupides

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  32. insane. it's like saying augustus was antinomian — and even prior to that, alexander, proto-liberal (and -napoleon) extraordinaire.protestantism was only one manifestation of the formalization of a modern consciousness. blaming any particular group for liberalism is always irrational — as western history taken as a whole is the history of liberalism.

  33. I agree, this show needs to be put to an end. Not only is it a form of child abuse, it sends a message out to mothers and children everywhere that it is okay for children to dress and behave this way. Not only that, it teaches children from an extremely young and vulnerable age that they are not and will not be pretty unless they alter themselves cosmetically. I cannot imagine any child developing under such conditions growing up to have a healthy self esteem.

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  40. What an absolutely outstandingpost…the photos are a delight,l totally love what you’ve done with the apartment…it looks perfect, and what’s best is that all of this was created by YOU..l really love all the pops of vibrant colour and the wallpaper corner…the pic with the tulip table in front of the window is a dream. lt’s great how you’ve included the paint colours and your colour and design inspirations.

  41. Is Al a christian? I wasnt sure, if so you think that would have rubbed off on Slater, since he’s likened Al to a father figure. Shame cause Slater could impact a whole mess of people.

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  46. nothing about whether extremely powerful beings, zillions of orders of magnitude more powerful than us, exist or not. I see no reason to think they cannot exist, and I guess most people have something like that in mind when they think of God.“Infinite” means just “very big” for practical purposes. In this sense, I think there may be Gods out there, and I think we may become Gods ourselves.

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  49. Holy crap, this is one of the creepiest things I’ve ever read. I didn’t know I was holding my breath while reading until I gasped for air when I was done. You are incredibly talented and I hope you go on to do great things (like be the next Lovecraft, lol)! Comment by Tristan on February 20, 2012 at 7:37 am

  50. fuck you, I do what I want! to the fans.So fine, your not going to listen to us, fine your not going to change it back, fine you can keep Dante looking like a 16 year old who just walked out of a hot topic store for the first time,but you don’t have to be a dick about it.

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  52. Hi – I've been following for a while and really enjoy your How About Orange 🙂 Congrats! I love the little dresses. Will need to take a peek for my 2 year old.

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  58. was, he thought, not a bad bet and lost. How many scandals is it going to take before the laws of the land apply. Watergate in comparison or the Scooter Libby debacle, are minor in comparison. Congress needs to wake up and start doing it's job.

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  65. Velcome to New World Order, Tovarisch. If that Liar in Chief gets a second term, expect similar situations here on our home soil leading to martial law. That idiot has no respect for true Americans or American Soil no matter where it is. After Nov. 7 we will know, it’s either a call to restore the Constitution or a call to arms. Believe it.

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