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  2. When I was still in high school I used to wear mens' jackets, because they had pockets on the inside. I used to put my pocket watch in it and I got some very nice compliments from people in the street. I love how this lady dresses. Very stylish. And of course, the short red hair is awesome!

  3. Beautiful poem! I play the upright bass in a string band (I am 13 so its a school band!) right alongside 2 cellos and absolutely love the sound they make! I loved your first stanza! It really spoke to me and your entire poem was really unique! It was nice how the poem we up a sceane for the cello to come into at the end!

  4. Bon, certes, les totalitarismes les plus infernaux sont parfois pavés des bonnes intentions de textes en référence. L’homme est un être bien trop pervers pour lui faire confiance. Il arrive toujours à salir les choses les plus belles, car son appétit pour la toute-puissance le travaille en permanence.Mais il ne faut pas non plus donner un chèque en blanc à tous ces textes qui ne sont pas complètement blanc bleu.

  5. Arthur,You attempt to make us all believe that you’re some amazing fashionisto, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t critique your utter failure in living up to those expectations when I look at your outfit above. T-shirt: Too small, too trendyPants: Are those Levis or something? Are you even wearing a belt?Shoes: Where to start? Paint stain on the toe for starters. Worn out leather that hasn’t been polished in years. But above all, who wears leather dress shoes/boots with a t-shirt? WHO DOES THAT!

  6. À lire l’avalanche de niaiseries qui permet à des banlieusards de déverser leur fiel sur les gens qui habitent la ville, je crois qu’il serait temps de créer un nouveau blogue: QUÉBEC RURAL.Le malheur de la Ville de Québec c’est bien ça: une ville contrôlée par ses banlieues. Triste résultat des fusions municipales.Le maire L’allier n’aurait rien pu faire sous ce régime.Banlieusards qui considérez le centre-ville comme un parc d’attraction.Vous êtes le problème, pas la solution.

  7. Pilates är något jag inte har testat faktiskt, men det verkar väldigt roligt! Skall se om jag inte kan matcha in ett pilatespass på mitt gym. Jo träningsvärk hör ju till när man tränar, men det brukar ge sig när man tränat ett tag. :)Kram kram L

  8. Salut Claudiu!127 este corect. Ultimul bit reprezinta coeficientul lui 2 la puterea 0 (adica valoarea 1). Bitul fiind setat pe 1, inseamna coeficientul 1 x 2^0 = 1. La calculul tau, mai trebuie adaugat 1 si iti va da 127.126 s-ar fi scris asa: 126 = 64+32+16+8+4+2 – 0111 1110127 = 64+32+16+8+4+2+1 – 0111 1111Observa diferenta la ultimul bit.Sper ca am lamurit cat de cat. Daca nu, revino cu un comentariu si am sa incerc sa reformulez. Numai bine!

  9. Good to see you are alive and kicking Bob….Am in Q'town these days but am regularly back on the Coast and half pie expecting to bump into you in Bruce Watson's book shop or a 'watering hole' somewhere. Would be great to catch up for a cold one and a natter sometime.RegardsIan Wooster

  10. Le saviez-vous, cher BHL? Ce lineaire B, que vous venez d’accrocher au fronton de votre culture, n’a pas servi a raconter la guerre de Troie ni la colere d’Achille, mais permettait aux petits commercants d’alors, aux conseillers economiques, ou aux grands proprietaires terriens, d’etablir d’utiles inventaires de tetes de betail, de pieds d’oliviers, de manches de pioche, et autres bien materiels. Comme quoi l’ecriture, quoi qu’on ecrive, est toujours un moyen de s’enrichir.Votre devoue Bothul

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  12. Chère Professeur, cela fait maintenant quelques temps que j'ai découvert votre site et je dois avouer que c'est à chaque fois une surprise et un plaisir immense que de découvrir des réponses à des questions qui m'ont souvent traversé l'esprit (mais qu'on finit malheureusement toujours par oublier).De plus, je vous assure qu'en période d'examen, toutes les questions (aussi ridicules mais osons dire originales !) deviennent d'une importance capitale. Votre site comble toutes mes attentes ! :-)

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  17. Yang berlaku tetap berlaku… Kita yang masih memakmurkan bumi Allah swt nie harus sedar… semua ini adalah peringat Allah swt kepada kita…Jadi seharusnya kita sentiasa berdoa kepada Allah swt agar trgedi sebegini tidak lagi berlaku.. Disamping itu kita juga harus mengambil sikap berhati-hati dijalan raya..Kejadian ini mampu dielakkan tetapi akibat kelalaian kita, Allah swt telah menampakkan kita tentang kekuasaan-Nya…Al Fatihah buat semua mangsa..

  18. Hey spicycrispypuppy- us dads get plenty of our kids bacteria too! my kids use me as a kleenex everyday – my shirts generally look like a snails crawled over them,haha! Ben.Well-loved.

  19. Sounds like a problem we are having with AIS data layer in MarineCadstre.gov app. Seems we hit a limit on the # of polygons? Esri suggested that we cache layer. Haven’t tried yet, but interesting your problem looks similar.

  20. I'm kind of getting the impression that some Muslims seem to think their god is very weak, because they obviously have no or very little faith in his ability to punish the blasphemers himself. Not to mention their tendency to go after anybody they can get at rather than go to the trouble of trying to get the actual blasphemers, so: stupid, lazy or both or just don't really give a damn about the actual incident except as an excuse to do something else? Maybe a little bit of all of those.

  21. Dansevideo! spesielt til sangene «Take Care» og «Can’t be friends» , har du noen koreografier til de sangene eller? haha, send meg melding pÃ¥ face hvis du finner ledig dansestudio da Kjetil!men fortsett og skriv om alt du opplever, det er veldig morsomt Ã¥ lese!

  22. Having read this I believed it was rather enlightening. I appreciate you taking the time and energy to put this short article together. I once again find myself spending a lot of time both reading and posting comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile!

  23. valheru: talán úgy érzed, hogy sokkal jobbat is írhatsz. Azt tanácsolom, hogy förmedj magadra és ne próbálj egy kalandra ellőni minden rakétát. A kevesebb több és ahogy a cikkből is kiderül, a közönség jobban értékeli azokat a történeteket amiket átlát és megért.

  24. Jeśli wam wszystkim tak bardzo przeszkadza że tak późno to nie siedzcie na portalach i nie piszcie : Nieee!!! , Nie tylko nie to!!! Wiedziałem że tak będzię!!! Tylko pomóżcie im zrobić to szybciej.

  25. Im on the latest stable version, however im having some issues with focus. Sometimes when I start chrome, the window appears, but the title bar is grayed out, as if its out of focus, but it becomes the normal blue (on XP) when i click in the window. NOthing serious, but it is annoying and wasnt in the last stable version.

  26. witajcie kochani jak tam wrociliscie juz ze szpitala?? od 1 w nocy to juz 6 godzinek … mam nadzieje ze juz lepiej jak pisaliscie na fb to sie az zleklam… czy wszystko z Julcia wporzadeczku?? licze na dobre wiadomosci i buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuziam ksiezniczke serduszkowa:********************** a Pania Lucynke sciskam z calych sil :****

  27. I think it was a English/Slovak dictionary and a Turkish thesaurus…I looked a bit more into his projects and they are actually interesting…automating weather reports in obscure languages for locals who have always had to depend on colonial language broadcasts. It just seemed so alien the first time I listened to him speak.

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  30. >”Amantes que venden su alma al diablo…” ¿Por qué todo el mundo recuerda a Goethe por Fausto ? Una gran historia, es verdad, pero mucho menos representativa de lo que representa (valga la redundancia) Goethe: el Sturm Und Drang, uno de los movimientos más excelsos de la literatura universal… Definitivamente, de Goethe, prefiero Werther: “obra emblemática del romanticismo europeo y refugio de los enamorados sin esperanza” (como yo, jejeje)Me gusta mucho tu blog, lo comentaré a menudo (o lo intentaré al menos, si el cruento oficio me lo permite).SaludosDavid!!

  31. It should be noted that this is an area where U.S. corporations and U.S. individuals are treated quite differently. Above a certain threshold (currently 91.5k I think) income earned by U.S. citizens abroad is fully taxable at normal rates back in the U.S. for as long as the person retains U.S. citizenship. Truly the modern corporation cannot lose: when it comes to free speech rights and campaign finance, a U.S. multinational is just like regular Joe down the street. Come tax day, though….

  32. Agreed, FL does have a ton of houses, but I’m trying to be realistic. I’m revising downward to $750, $800 is too high in this dropping market. Any price you offer today needs to be made based on today’s and tomorrow’s trends. That house and others, will still be sitting in April 07 and they’ll be asking $800 with no offers.

  33. Bonsoir,Je découvre votre blog, comme je découvre la cuisine ces dernières semaines.J'ai fais les cookies dont vous donnez la recette, ils sont très bons!!!Pour cette recette, pensez vous qu'il serait possible de l'adapter à du poisson??? Elle me parle beaucoup, la sauce à l'air divine pour la faire à un prochain diner, mais mes invités ne mangent pas de viande…Merci!Bonne continuation.Sarah

  34. , does heading program management translate into running a large engineering organization. I don't know as it's been many, many years since I worked near Julie.Steve Si never struck me as someone who cared about rising to be the CEO. He cared about designing products that could be built and then building it. I'm not sure as an engineering guy, he was the right guy for Balmer's job.

  35. Rex -Thanks for the clarification on Dantonio!!!!!! my bad!Stay tuned for my GOTW predictions tomorrow within which a certain game in Iowa City this weekend will definitely be featured.Can you believe that if Sparty wins this weekend, there is a VERY real possibility that these guys will play for the national championship?A sign of the Apocalypse or a sign of hope?!!!

  36. Thank you! I’m not a “professional” travel writer yet… but I hope I’ll become one!:)If you are younger you’re lucky coz you have plenty of time!:)Thank you very much again!

  37. Ui du bist noch zu Hause ? Dein Nachwuchs fühlt sich offensichtlich sehr wohl in seiner " Wohnung " Deine Halsketten sind ganz bezaubernd . Könntest du deine sicherheitsabfrage ausschalten ??? Ich habe heute 5 Mal den Kommentar tippen müssen , da die Wörter kaum zu lesen waren ♥ Liebe Grüße , Christine

  38. at 21:13  hulákal:Tím vÅ¡ak nepopírám, že mnozí mají chování, jak jsi jej popsal ve svém článku. NicménÄ› generalizovat lze až po kontaktu se vÅ¡emi vÄ›kovými skupinami, obÄ›ma pohlavími a různými sociálními skupinami z různých krajů… Plus on “britský muslim” má také jiné smýšlení než muslim, který nikdy nevycestoval ze své zemÄ›. V muslimských zemích jsem byla pouze ve dvou – Turecku a Azerbajdžánu a lidi, které jsem potkala, byli OK

  39. A 1ª pergunta foi muuuuuito fácil, não vale, rs.Adorei ambas as entrevistas (já tinha visto a anterior).E vc está linda e super espontânea nas duas! É claro que luz é tudo e, nesse caso, creio que o entrevistado possa solicitar, gentilmente, que se faça uma provinha de luz antes de começar a gravação do vídeo. Mas, com certeza, deve ter alguém por aqui que entenda disso melhor que eu, rs.Mil beijos,lu.PS: Eu mesma adoraria receber aguma dica sobre isso.

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  41. If we look at what you are writing about through the chakra model, just because someone is enlightened, and consequently highly functioning through the upper chakras including crown, this does not necessarily mean they have healthy (underline healthy!) functioning in the “lower” three (base, sacral, solar plexus). When I consider some previous problematic incidents with spiritual teachers through this concept I get a whole lot of aha! understanding, and capacity to let go, around these past painful situations.

  42. The land that invented yodeling assists in the mutilation of its own culture. A picture perfect example of self-loathing if ever there was one.Solaris:Of course the court ruled in favor of the Muslims – 63-year-old retirees hardly ever blow things up and riot when something offends them.A few more judicial abuses like this one and all of that could change.

  43. Ovviamente l’ipotesi Mimimmi è la più probabile, comunque, possibile che la foto “67-h-1135″ non esista sul sito dell’ Apollo e googlando con questo numeretto si trovino solo siti complottisti?Ah, già, che scemo, sono foto vere ma che la Nasa ci nasconde.PS Oltre ai mimimmi, pensavo anche allo scarabeo stercorario.

  44. Ok, I see now that it wasn't addressed to me. Still, why does it have to be an either/or kind of thing? You're acting as if no one complains about the things you cite whites as doing. That's just not the case.everything i posted is true,i dont like hearing white people complain about terroism becuase 90% of it is self induced.the classic kettle & pot thing.spreading democracy is terrorism to those whos homes get bombed in air strikes in iraq.please dont give these murderous crackers a pass.

  45. Zut ! Encore raté le premier post ! De pas grand chose…Pour ces élections, je suis peu (naaaannnn ! Pas du tout !) motivé. La réalité de leur utilité est sans doute plus flagrante pour ceux qui y ont recours.Mais le plus gros problème c’est l’idée de la proximité que l’on s’en fait quand la communication est aussi peu active.Pas citoyen sur ce plan là mais j’assume.

  46. molded illogical liar:why do u act as if calling out bush absolves hobama when hobama is only a blackish clone of bush???…why did fools like u think calling out hillary made her look bad when hobama's razor thin resume was FAR thinner than her own????i depsise hobama and call him out just as i did king shrub because hobama is a more ruthless racist clone of his cuz!!!!thanks for repeatedly reminding me of that as u lie fool!!!

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  48. Si je lis correctement, cette platine lien masqué n’a pas besoin de préampli ? Malgré tout, ne serait-ce pas mieux avec ça lien masqué entre ma platine et [malheureusement je n’ai que ça] ma mini-chaine d’étudiant (possédant une sortie AUX alléluia)Merci d’avance et désolé pour toutes les parenthèses

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  50. This reminded me a great deal of the “curriculum” at my youngest’s pre-school. They call it DAP (Developmentally Appropriate Practice) and it meets the children where they are at in terms of interest and their development. I enjoyed reading your post Martine…wishing you all the best with your student

  51. You work in the office of a church? Damn, I love the Michael Corleonean aesthetic.As for religion oppressing women — it doens’t even merit a secondary affirmation. If it isn’t obvious to someone that almost every mono-theistic religion was dreamed up at least partially to put the threatened boot of mankind firmly on the throat of womankind, then nothing I say will convince him or her.Once again, I recommend one book and only one book…Sam Harris’s The End of Faith.It makes the danger of religion and its true believers crystal clear.

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  53. difficult to know whether it was just a slip of the tongue from Sarah Palin or whether she actually isn’t sure which is which. problem is, she cannae see Korea from her window, so how is she supposed to know what’s going on in there?ps Finbarr sort yer RSS oot

  54. Oct09 Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of players. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and fun to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked) Zunes are.

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  57. Thanks! But surely Hannah Montana was popular, in her heyday? Being popular with tween girls is still being popular. Both Big Time Rush and Mindless Behaviour have had top ten debut albums, doesn't that count as popular?

  58. “apart from hacks who favour other operating systems.”First, I am in your camp here. Never really liked Thurott, he’s been a shill forever. Have had every iPhone, etc….The above phrase features a shot at Android users that is much in the same vein as the comments you are criticising Thurott for. Your post would be much more credible without that swipe.

  59. Może niekoniecznie w Twoim przypadku, ale chciałem zauważyć, że jeśli ktoś wpisuje "nierealny" adres e-mail np. jako , to taki komentarz automatycznie leci w spam. Od dobrego samopoczucia moderatorów zależy, czy zostanie stamtąd wygrzebany, czy nie. ;-)

  60. Black culture does value education; it has as long as our known history in this country. What is happening now is that we are letting the pop culture define black culture. We have accepted that the world didn’t exist before mid 60’s and let the “I have a dream" speech become a jingle. I think the rhetoric of the 60’s started us down the road; that before then, our culture was invalid.

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  63. made a piping bag by cutting the corner off a ziploc bag and duct taped a squeeze bottle top as a nozzle over the hole. not pretty, but it did the job. didn’t cost me anything but the time to scrounge things around the house.

  64. sin lugar a dudas este gobierno en pleno se ha convertido en un peligro social, los deberiamos declarar delincuentes; ahora como esto les parece poco y lo va a ser y visto qeu respondemos a sus requerimientos en europa o mejor en alemania quieren montar un grupo de expertos que fiscalice las cuentas de todos los paises. esto es una locura, o los paramos o nos paran a nosotros. nos vemos en la calle.

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