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  1. “Also, if dollar collapses, then the chinese or ruskies may create a new currency that is not pegged to gold and then gold price wouldn’t increase either so its not a sure hedge.”veto,Wrong.

  2. Daca ai date care preferi sa ramana private, nu trebuie sa le stochezi in cloud, pe serverele Google. Dar poate fi folositoare solutia, mai ales cand ai date legate de munca (prezentari, documente, aplicatii, etc) si back-up. Intr-adevar, si eu as fi preferat sa am mai multe optiuni in privinta intimitatii. Dar chiar daca nu ai conturi pe Facebook, Google si alte site-uri, calculatorul tau tot poate fi accesat din exterior. Ceea ce face datele de pe hard-ul tau la fel, sau chiar mai putin sigure decat in contul Google.

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  4. I had a Brazilian blow dry about a month ago too and would mostly agree with your review, HOWEVER I haven't been using the correct shampoo so for me, it could be down to that fact. my hair is highlighted blonde and is fairly straight anyway but although its quite soft it never hung prperly and got frzzy or dry looking so the blow dry gave me some control over it, I loved the way my hair fell back into place after wearing hats or with minimum styling.I think I will try it again but using the correct shampoo this time.

  5. August, a lot of — many? most? — horses were on steroids then, too, and none of them did what St. Liam and Big Brown did. Let’s also remember that steroids were a perfectly legal medication, and we have no idea which horses in the race were on them and which weren’t. It’s tough, I think, to fault a man for using a medication that was sanctioned by the sport.

  6. Io ci ho pensato e e ripensato, poi sono andato a vedere "The Thing".E temevo peggio.Certo gli effetti speciali tendono in qualche scena a essere eccessivamente esposti, e allora si nota abbastanza che quelli ideati da Carpenter e compagni erano ben più efficaci. Come troppo horror e fantasy di adesso poi "The Thing" tende ad andare un po’ troppo sopra le righe e creare scenari e momenti dall’estetica ridondante. Però non da buttare via, dai.

  7. Nicely put… I’ve been having lots of problems with this lately. I hate working in Cinema4D on my MacbookPro… It’s insanely slow.I’m sure these tips will help my animation render times. The last 2 renders I did recently took all night.

  8. I started reading this and thought “this sounds like Shine!” Such a great post, Seth, you two are awesome parents to those 5 darling boys! With 3 girls, we love to have dance parties. We groove to anything from Swan Lake, or to the music from Madagasgar. It is fun to get our hearts going. I’ll have to try some “secret agent” games! Thanks for the reminder of what it’s all about!

  9. Dame damée peut aller en tous sens, comme l’aviron se repose sur la dame, quand âme damnée ne fait qu’errer.Quant à notre mouton, peut-être est-ce le troupeau qui le rend timbré … allez savoir.

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  11. olá… tomei mesygina durante 3meses 12/01 até 12/04 , mas sentia os meus seios muito doloridos, resolvi parar de tomar, mas quando minha menstruação veio foi normal o ciclo de 5dias, ai diminuiu mas nao parou mas, vem pouco mas vem, o que pode estar acontecendo comigo ? ja faz mas ou menos 1mes e meio q estou assim …

  12. You want to do something about the price of gasoline? petition your senators & congressmen to have the big oil executives charged with treason,put them on trial if found guilty take all their wealth and revoke their U.S citizenship. then bomb (nuke)Dubai city,then you will see $1.00 a gallon gas again,till we stop the lobby(people paid to bribe elected officials)and throw the officials out of office who take in money from them then nothing will stop corporate greed.

  13. call your insurance and they will send a glass co. out to fix it for you free of charge, they will fill the crack with filler and then if your not happy with the repair they will come back out and replace the whole windshield but you have to pay your deductible if you want a new windshield.

  14. « Willy Taofifenua, Abraham Tolofua, Lyonel Vaitanaki… » Trois joueurs qui ont fièrement porté les couleurs de Grenoble. Ils ont laissé des souvenirs impérissables dans la mémoire des supporters alpins. L’attitude de combattant de Tao, les grands segments de Vaitanaki et la solidité de Tolofua en mélée. Tout un programme. Je me souviens surtout de la demi finale de championnat de France 1999 perdue face à Clermont où Tolofua avait complètement concassé son vis a vis (Menieu?).Impérissables je vous dis!

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  16. Dai Paolo, non fare l'ipocrita adesso, tu fai ben di peggio con i tuoi scagnozzi e i tuoi blog…Non farmi la morale per l'aggettivo con il quale ti identifico. Prova a pensare quelli che usi tu per tutti gli altri che hanno opinioni diverse dalle tue.Sempre Ciao

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  18. la fille en question, c’est annie gervais. Athlete de l’année en longue distance selon triathlon quebec et une fille qu’on aime beaucoup chez trimes.org. Elle m’a meme laissé la doubler sur la fin histoire de m’éviter une dépression :p

  19. Silver:“Perché, vedete, il problema non è solo quello del “se” le donne la danno oppure no, ma anche del “come” la danno…”Silver, sono assolutamente d’accordo con te!

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  22. La France n’est peut-être pas en grand pays, mais elle avait un certain prestige. C’est le pays des Droits de l’Homme, et grâce à la pirouette de De Gaulle à la fin de la seconde Guerre Mondiale c’est un membre permanent du Conseil de Sécurité de l’ONU. De plus, c’est une puissance nucléaire, un membre important de l’UE… Donc elle a un rôle à jouer c’est clair.

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  24. coucou moi aussi je démarre dans la marque kikoj’en suis complètement baba hihij’aimerais savoir ou tu trouve tes mini vernis basicil m’intéresse de plus mini on peut en avoir plus lol!j’ai une fille de 11ans qui est devenu accro au vernis aussije te remercie biz et ton blog humm génial hop dans mes favoris….

  25. Everyone has already taken all the good lines. Good luck on your new path. I am sure it will take you to wonderful new places. I am a little sad, but mostly happy for you. And I am so so glad that you will still maintain this blog–and keep quilting of course! 🙂

  26. Fani disse:Oi Adriana, obrigada pelo comentário tão carinhoso! Também adoro a Roberta, e não tenho dúvidas de que essa parceria só trará bons resultados! Continue sempre por aqui, viu? Beijos!

  27. on Thanks for sharing your story! Sigh I wish you had started doing wedding photography when I was getting married (there were so many shots I wish I had that never got captured)

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  29. 20May 9, 2012 at 6:00 am1ceYou’d probably like the band Alestorm Joe, a pirate metal band.Personally I’m holding out for the console port which apparently was being made along side the PC version and see how well it performs. Both technicly and practicly as a game.For Risen 3 how about a an ancient Rome theme, a drak celtic theme, colonial theme, steampunk theme like Ravensdale, arabian/old west desert theme or even a mash up of all of the above.d7

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  32. We didn’t even do … We didn’t even do this when I was starting out basketball which was in the fourth grade. We usually did free-throws, layups, around the world, layup competition and all that stuff. We may have done this at the end of practice and with our off-hands but not during practice because we were too busy running around and doing drills to do this sort of thing.

  33. Wow! I am stunt. Look at the website that RSH has placed a link as a source. Oh my g-d! Seriously man. It is filled with Racist and Anti-Semitics articles. “Have you read Talmud lately?” is a perfect example. This is the type of people who support the Iranian Regime and want to see them in power and of course, they will try to minimize movements such as Green Movements because of their inner hatred of certain type of people! wink wink. This is sickening and I enjoy nothing more than seeing all these people gathered in one place. Keep it up.

  34. Sep27Phil From the (gay) blogger Andrew Sullivan [with my additions]:The point of the gay rights movement is not to make everyone gay; it is to help everyone be themselves, to expand the possibilities of a fulfilling, loved life for more human beings. If that means some gays really want to marry women [or remain single], and they are not deceiving anyone [including themselves], it’s totally their choice – and their right not to be mocked for it.VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 13 votes)

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  37. Kudos, Jerry !!!Mike Francesa = “talk-radio bloviator” … Spot on, Mate !!! Mike is all about Mike and more than sometimes he’s as out in left field as Billy Packer was … the difference is that CBS got smart where NBC and YES have not !!!I annually take particular umbrage with Francesa when his talk show devotes only a modicum of time to March Madness … even when there are local teams playing !!! Right on, Mate !!!

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  40. McAdams’s hypothesis “isn’t airtight?”I’d say it doesn’t hold water, either.My own anti-“intellectual” take is if you’ll excuse a self-serving plug. (Those of us who, unlike McAdams, don’t have Sykes to promote us need to use every available tool for outreach.)

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  42. Hi Sam…do you have an update for this? The new facebook layout wanks up all of these parameters. I had mine setup beautifully and then they changed again and now it looks terrible. Any thoughts or help on getting a new look would be great. I checked the site of the PVCC kids guys and they have updated and look amazing. Maybe you can help get the new info out there. Thanks–keep up the fine work.

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  46. “The scandal of the ‘ringworm’ children, irradiated by the Ashkenazi establishment in the 1950s, turns out largely to be just another conspiracy theory”I am a Moroccan Jew. All of my cousins in their 50s are dying left and right from brain cancer. They all remember being irradiated as schoolchildren in Israel. How can you call this a “conspiracy theory” when we have people who remember this firsthand. Did you see the film? Have you spoken with any of the victims personally? I have.

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  58. I agree a job won't make you happy, you choose happiness within the confines of your situation. However, I do think a job can make you un-happy. Even if you are in love and hate your job, doing something you don't enjoy will take its toll on you. Seems like this post is advocating a job to be a form of therapy but what kind of job? Any job or one that is aligned with personality and strengths?At what point do you decide it's your career path and not the job that is the problem?

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  64. Just like Kate Matthews Allen Marko, Kevin Fuller, and Terry Parker. What city board have they served on or been involved in? What have they been doing, and just being on the DTC does not count. Hold your standard to both sides of the aisle if you feel you must have this standard…..

  65. I just realized next year, we’ll be repeating ourselves by talking again about anniversaries–of all his albums, concerts and other David historic moments—LOL……well, at least we already have that on the 2013 Archucalendar…..plus all the other new stuff/surprises coming….haha!

  66. That’s correct, mmueller. Employee salaries are paid from the city’s operating budget (), not grant money.Since the trails are turned over to the Parks & Recreation department for maintenance and upkeep after construction is complete, that money comes from one-half of the city’s .Hope that helps.

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  84. Yes, the refusal to allow people with criminal records or even criminal connections (e.g. suspected mob ties) to leave the city is probably not legally defensible. It basically amounts to a false imprisonment. I omitted it in the post, but it’s definitely worth mentioning, so thanks for pointing that out.

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