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  4. Aqui na zona oeste do rio de janeiro, no bairro de paciencia, aonde a telefonia fixa é monopólio dessa OI incompetente, tambem não há serviço de banda larga. a anatel deveria intervir nesse serviço e autorizar outras operadoras para estas regiões que não interessam a essa fomegerada OI.mas, parece que tem muita gente que come na mão dessa corja.

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  6. Tribun, a nebo to bylo úplnÄ› jinak a “domnÄ›lý šéf strany” zatím píše odpověď. Pravda nÄ›kdy není tak úplnÄ› lukrativní. Z úplnÄ› obyčejných vÄ›cí udÄ›lají jak media tak poslanci senzace. A zatím, co se soustÅ™eďujeme na ty umÄ›le vyvolané unikají nám ty skutečné…

  7. I got some referral love from this post today and just wanted to say thanks. I see you work for ArenaNet, that’s rad. I’m a huge fan of Guild Wars and I even started a GW fansite years ago (Crossing Tyria, which I eventually gave away).Looking forward to GW2. Cheers!

  8. Brent, what you're reading as enthusiasm for Romney is mostly, I think, relief at the possible end of Obamanation. I don't think anyone expects Romney to rule as a conservative. But he's a grownup, and he doesn't actually hate us. That's not much, but it's a damn sight better than what we've had for the last four years.

  9. “Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.”-Mother TeresaThanks for sharing their stories.katdish’s last blog post..

  10. Sara skriver:Hej,Blir besviken på att du anklagar ditt försäkringsbolg för att de inte har upplyst dig om vad du har och inte har försäkrat. Vad hände med eget ansvar?/ Sara

  11. Ohh i meant no disrespect to Mike. I have no problem with him. I think a guy like curtis turner would be a welcome sight with fans, andpoor mike would be stuck between him and Brian france. And I wouldn’t want his job either. buy the way, did you see the article on jayskiabout the top 35 rule? you get some credit for that

  12. I don’t like that non-Western beauty makes her “stronger”. Sure, it does not mean that she is weaker, but how can you say that one type of beauty is stronger than another. By refuting one horrible misperception, you are creating your own. Great post though, and I sure hope you find her.

  13. Doigts plumés… terrible!J’avais beaucoup aimé ton texte sur la personnification de la chaise de bar ( même si j’ai pigé qu’à la fin que c’était une chaise mais ça, c’est tout moi). Celui ci m’en apprend davantage sur toi ce qui n’est pas pour me déplaire. Et j’ai un grand avantage sur beaucoup d’autres, j’ai la chance de t’avoir rencontrée en chair en os et … en plumes !!

  14. Well written TJ! And we danced was a song that I did truely like, but I felt that the ready of his songs were going to be weird and dumb. After a long while though I decided to look in to some of his other songs and found out what you described. Irish celebration and can’t stop us are the two songs that made me listen to him more. Spot on description and thanks for showing me some cool music.

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  16. At least we’ve been able to avoid so far the frequent comparisons to Vornado, et.a l. ‘How come no one is up in arms when they walk away from their obligations?’Because, Einstein, they are actually walking away, meaning not simultaneously repudiating the debt and trying to keep the asset. Think I recall something from early childhood about cake and eating it too that may be relevant here….especially since that is the approximate grade level of the debate.Just remember none of the the HuffPost, the class action crowd, nor the AGs are bidding for YOU.

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  18. So what happens when you have three unbeaten teams like you did in 03 when Auburn didn’t get a chance to play for the title? The only reason they didn’t play was because OU and USC started out #1 and #2 in the preseason rankings and never dropped a game. Auburn had a magnificent team that year in Jason Campbell, Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams but they never got the chance to prove it. Do you still think that it’s the perfect system that you say it is?

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  21. Hi Alan, Just wanted to take a moment and say thanks. Yours was the best seminar that I attended at Wedding MBA. I get bored listening to most people talk for more than 10 minutes, but you kept it interesting and me engaged.

  22. Que comico. Sempre que a estrela da bandeira passa a estrela cadente, já não é socialismo. É apenas uma distorção dos belos ideais marxistas. Como na URSS, na China, em Cuba e no proximo país que virar vermelho. Eu também pensava assim até começar a associar o palavreado do Marx acerca da pureza da classe trabalhadora, eternos burgueses, revolução sangrenta e reeducação com o nosso bom velho Pol Pot.

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  27. – Jessica, pictures are worth a thounsand words…and in your case, maybe ten-thousand! You are a very talented artist.Ryan & Summer, thanks so much for sharing your big day with us. You guys make a beautiful couple and we are greatful that we got the opprtunity to be a part of it!!“May the road go on forever and the party never end” ~W. Nelson

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  29. I agree Bianca. I do not care, but I want to post this on a site where it would not get taken down. How can you denounce intermittent fasting while practicing it daily? DR and DG at the very minimum 12 hours and up to 14 by what they post as their lifestyles. Doug Graham does just two meals? That is intermittent fasting as well. Why is intermittent fasting “not okay”, but a 20-40 day water fast is peachy keen???? That makes for good logic. These inconsistencies are all over the place and only confuse people.

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  36. Great recipe – I think I’ll give it a go. I’m learning a new patch this autumn but there’s barely anything to pick. Even the locals are commenting, so it isn’t just that I haven’t found the right spots. Just about the only things that seem to be doing well in Weardale are rose hips. Elder and blackberry are struggling, not many haws, and virtually no sloes. No sloe gin for me this year

  37. You’re parents sounds a lot like my parents That’s what I had to fight with my personality too. Not everything is an emergency, and just because my son/daughter doesn’t do something my way doesn’t make it wrong. It was hard for me to adjust, but I’m on my way

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  44. Bees are dying and colonies are collapsing, mister, and THAT’S A FACT. Thank you for exposing this charlatan. You’d think people like this would, at the very least, be concerned about their family’s health, if nothing more, but it seems they care more about money.

  45. Mein Vater ist Angler – so richtig mit Fischereischein und Angelverein und so. Da hab ich den Sohn einfach abgeliefert und dem "Opa" die Mentorrolle zugeschoben. Der musste ihm dann alles beibringen – bis zum Filet. Genau so haben wir das im folgenden Urlaub in Finnland auch gehandhabt. Ich musste dann nur noch braten … hihi.Grüße! N.

  46. Love You! Thankful today for my wonderful family, young and old! Thanks for sharing these pictures – I’m so thankful that Peter is able to spend time with his beautiful grand daughter Ellie – completely precious. Hugs to all of you on this Thanksgiving Day!

  47. We did use a stand mixer and kept it running the entire time. I’ll just have to try again another day. Maybe it was too humid in the house even though we had the AC on since it’s been so hot here lately (Chicago area). Definitely worth another shot though! I’m determined to get them to turn out!

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  50. A mi lo que me flipa es que nos sorprendamos de lo que está pasando con este gobierno, han sido acalmados por mayoría aplastante y ya se sabía de que iban… reforma laboral, recortes, supresión de libertades… así que ahora todo el mundo a callar, o no haber ido a votar, y si somos tontos, a jodernos.

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  57. Wahou!!!!une ambiance de douceur regne dans tes photos!vous étiez tous superbes!!!Je vous souhaite de tout mon coeur plein de bonheur à tous les 5!!j’espère qu’un jour je porterai aussi le même nom que mon conjoint et que ma fille!

  58. I agree with girlinthelens–"Interesting post, though I personally thought 50 was badly written – poor flow, so much phrase/word repetition."It all still falls into subjectivity, whether on a sentence-by-sentence level or in overall enjoyment. For example, when used correctly (James Joyce, anybody?), repetion can be artful. It's my opinion that the repetition in FSoG wasn't. I found it careless and unintended. Somebody else might feel differently.IMO, FSoG fails on both levels.

  59. I'm wondering about the info on bazaar under the faq link where it tells us that some bazaar postings may not be viewable by some biewers. I had a card on bazaar and when i searched for that card it wasnt there. Usually it will say "this is yours" at the bottom.

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  64. Funny how he stopped it dead when you started bringing up the statistical facts…These welfare changes and the ATOS thing were brought in under Labour, so he couldn't have you pointing out how stupid they are.And why did he call you Harriet? Bizarre…

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  66. That is from a friends house in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste. The views around here are amazing. They rival many I’ve seen around the world. It was such a peaceful day when I took that picture.

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  74. Yes, there is a lot of conflating going on – Berber with Arab, non-Arab and Muslim.People like Satloff don't make the distinction between Berber and arab becuase they think the story is complex enough already.


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  79. I find these days, that social commentary plays out in Cartoons (i.e. Family Guy, American Dad) and dramas (Boston Legal).As for Bea, I only watched her in Golden Girls. Still, she will be missed.

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  82. Rachel, just happen to stumble across this when I saw you reply to one of Rhema’s post on twitter. Very very impressed and found this extremely refreshing. It is so rare these days. Going to send this to my sister, she’s 17 and it will be good for her to hear this from a girl!! Thanks! I really appreciate you taking the time to write this.

  83. It’s not really about binge eating but the range of food available. I’m shocked how much junk food there is out there, cut the availability of it – promote healthier eating/snacking and this problem will go away.

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  86. Chris, you should get yourself over to Brussels. You make an interesting comment at the end of this post about High St. restaurants in the UK – generally dreadful. I couldn't agree more, but after 18 months living in Brussels I've come to realise it doesn't have to be like that – chains are unheard of, many places are family run and the quality/value is astounding. Then there's all that wonderful beer of course (and I don't mean Leffe). 2 hours on the Eurostar…what are you waiting for?

  87. Había una oración imperativa de la iglesia (de cuando yo iba a misa en mi mas tierna infancia, que aun era en latín) que decía "orate frates" y que te traduzco de buena gana ( ami manera) "estas orate, hermano", "te has vuelto loco"

  88. I’m sorry but how did god get inside the conversation to begin with? The report I just go through was about a man and a shark, didn’t see god’s identify anyplace during the posting. Just holy rollers striving to push their faith on everyone!! Oh and if god exists then why does god enable gentleman eliminate nearly 100 million sharks a year and then god tells the shark to save the male that kills his species??? I do not consider so!!!!!!

  89. so do the words…(which I take it you subscribe to…”once saved…always saved”) show up in scripture.Or is it an inference without any regard to the warnings which should serve to alert someone who has mouthed the “prayer”?

  90. För att förra året placerade de sig stabilt i mitten i JA och förde många matcher och gjorde imponerande resultat som 1-1 mot Degerfors och 1-0 mot Värnamo som alltid har haft bra ungdoms sektion. Därför är han kanske förvånad att det svänger så snabbt

  91. Oh, also, since I was encountering people at work yesterday (most days I’m at my desk and not interacting much), I took an informal poll of what people were doing for NYE…most everyone I spoke with was staying home. I’ve always been a practical sort, and standing outside in the middle of winter is just a bad idea. A nice formal event would be fun (because I never go to any), but I don’t like drunk people, so I prefer to be at home.

  92. Muss was unhappy that Mines was able to rush the passer last week. PSU will do that much more effectively. UND still wins, but needs a late turnover and resulting field goal to do it. 13-10.

  93. expliquez vous que votre dieu soit bon et qu’il y ait autant de misère sur la terre??????Vous même en étant imparfait si il était en votre pouvoir de faire le bien ne le feriez vous pas???????Ne mettriez vous pas de l’ordre dans toutes ces religions qui sont loin de représenter les valeurs d’un dieu BON?????

  94. Congrats to you on your milestone! I am a new blogger so am just getting my feet wet. We started a blog in my classroom, and yesterday we had such an exciting day with Skype, thanks in part to the Global Read Aloud–come visit! I am trying to post weekly, with some reflection tossed into the mix. Still have more to do, but it will come.Thanks for your work!

  95. You’re right, the key is focusing first. I like the “touching base” before sleeping because in the morning I get off to a slow start when I don’t. And sometimes that slow start turns into no start, like today.

  96. Haha that was awesome. Did UE001 in 2007 and loved it. Great to see a vid sumarising all the highlights. Great to see Mufasa aswell (Tour Guide Egypt). He was awesome and such a great help. As for the nationalties question we had Kiwis, Aussies, Canadians, a Brazilian, a Brit, and a Yank.  The Villages weren’t dodgy just a bit far out. Which was fine because I imagine it would cost an arm and a leg otherwise.Anyone else find that everyone gets sick by the Cave/Barcelona?

  97. Hey Oca… Ben her ÅŸeyi tamam umuyoruz. Size kalmış konum ne olursa olsun, Ben yine de dua edeceÄŸiz. Allah herkes için birÅŸeyler var… asi ve yanlış olsa bile olanlar. Sadece kimsenin umutsuz olduÄŸunu göstermek için gidiyor.

  98. If all this â??securityâ?? is â??just in caseâ??, then itâ??s a bit of overblown threatre, if itâ??s because there is a â??serious riskâ?? of a terrorist event, then it shows scant regard for safety to be having it in the Sydney CBD.Zang! Excellent demonstration of Morton’s Fork updated for the Department of Homemade Security era there Michael.

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  101. Alfombril: completamente de acuerdo contigo, en mi tierra de origen los jubilados franceses cobran su jubilación gracias a todos los immigrantes que cotizan a la SS, es un argumento ecónomico, mis argumentos son otros naturalmente: puertas abiertas y libre circulación… Fuera muros, todos los muros, físicos e ideologicos…

  102. I loved "Fearless" and "Lars and the Real Girl."No "As Good As It Gets"? My brother has OCD and found that and the TV show Monk really helpful after he was first diagnosed. (So did the very young woman who would become his wife–they married at 24 and 20, respectively.) "As Good As It Gets" convinced him to get help before he ended up like Jack Nicholson's character.It's probably good that there are strong choices that have to be left off of a Top Ten list!

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