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  2. Yup. It was hard to keep my mouth shut, as you no doubt know. Hey, check out Big Al’s blog. He posted about being at the 50th anniversary of Pearl Harbor with his father-in-law – very moving. Weren’t you at the 50th with your father-in-law?

  3. Actually this sounds sort of interesting, but then that could be simply your description of it rather than the book itself. Maybe I’ll just save your post and skip the book?

  4. Bravo!changer les rythmes oui mais sans changer le principal en baissant le nombre d’enfants par classe, ça sera un coup d’épée dans l’eau qui augmenta les impôts locaux!

  5. Mielenkiintoinen postaus! Mulla on henkilökohtaista kokemusta tavallaan asian tiimoilta ja emmin hiukan uskaltaako lukea tämän syöpä-aiheen takia..Kansi on tosiaan hyvinkin pliisu.Mukavaa, että sunkin blogi sai ekan viiden tähden kirjan! 🙂


  7. I have a completed xover. I just haven’t had time to listen long enough to my satisfaction. I got sidetracked in the Topping and it’s minor FR variations. Anyway, I have a little free time for speakerbuilding this next week and will be dividing it between a Madisound version of the ER18dxt and finishing these. Expect and update in the next 2 weeks.

  8. Sandy,Ever get the sense that the message of a commercial gets lost due to the entertainment factor? For instance, there was a commercial with a squirrel in the middle of the road screaming as a car approaches, a woman in the car’s passenger side sees him and starts screaming, animals around the scene start screaming, yet the driver remained calm. I believe it was a car commercial — or involving brakes, but truth is I was too busy laughing to really grasp who was behind the ad. So ad execs achieved entertainment, but perhaps lost out on a concrete messsage.

  9. I'm with Mojo re luck.However, I wish you happiness as you embark on this new phase of your life, Robin, and hope that exciting and rewarding opportunities are just round the corner for you. I feel sure they are.

  10. Why is it always taxes and welfare that gets blamed for the low birth-rate?What about the fact that people aren’t in a hurry to have babies? If I remember correctly, the average age of first-time mothers in Denmark is somewhere around 30. That’s old. Infact, according to “specialists”, it’s too old. And it isn’t because of taxes or welfare that the age is so high, it’s because people want to establish careers and what not first. (and let’s not forget about the declining quality of semen…)It’s much too simple to blame taxes for the low birthrates.

  11. Great list of stuff. I don’t know about the text messaging thing though. Many college students I know get low-minute plans and unlimited texting (most of the pay-as-you-go phones offer unlimited for around $15/month). So, they rarely use the phone, or use things like Google Chat for free calling or VoIP, then text everyone.

  12. se lo facevo io me lo tiravano dietro…ed avrebbero avuto pure ragione!!!però non si può dir nulla perchè in passato ha fatto tanto… io per esempio sono cresciuta sfogliando la rivista “Colors”…chi se la ricorda?

  13. Não tenho a honra de a conhecer pessoalmente (de modo informal), cara Dra. Margarida Aguiar, mas a ideia que tenho de si é de que é uma pessoa de uma bondade e formação inexcedíveis. Mas o mundo também é feito de pessoas diferentes, não o esqueçamos…

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  15. si dorin app am in jur de 130 de concursuri in care am intrat si te asigur ca din ele maxim 5 nu au fost rasplatite si clientii au fugit cu design urile furate cum zici tu. am castigat in jur de 20 si am primit banii de la toate fara nici un fel de problema,

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  17. Love the frosting – you can't really taste the avocado…I say it can compete with any fancy butter cream frosting that packs a 1000 calories/bite.As for the "meat" of the cake – I am not too crazy. Too rich…I live and breathe organic/healthy/vegetarian but this is a bit too much :). I say, the frosting will be perfect for a healthy yogurt and spelt flour based cake.Thanks for this great recipe!

  18. This hidden pattern you speak of may be the gap between the mind and the physical universe. With all possible states of mind in the mindscape to explore, it is important that we develop a notion of where we are and where we are going. The synergy will come with a Unified field theory. This is ultimately what we need, a theory that incorporates mind and matter.Till then the singularity is being approached with great deal of “faith” for the best. Seek Truth

  19. El milagro irlandes que tanto le gusta a Rajoy y a la lideresa del Thea Party español a caido por esa politica de impuestos bajos que tanto le gusta a los conservadores españoles unido a la especulacion inmobiliaria que han llevado a cabo los bancos irlandeses. Esa es la politica que el P.P. pretrende adoptar en España.Salud, República y Socialismo

  20. My 4.5 year old has fractured my nose several times and the 10 month old got me for first time jut a week ago. Their noggins are just so hard! Even better though was that before #2 came long, #1 bonked me so hard in the forehead while we were snuggling that I got a mild concussion and spent 3 days thinking I was pregnant. I as dizzy, nauseated and tired. I may not survive this stay at home mom gig.

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  25. Ich finde den mittelblauen Lack auch toll, hab ihn aber bisher noch nicht getragen..dafür aber Grey Denim (aber mit TC – bin begeistert!!)Danke für den Tipp mit den gelben Zähnen ;-))) da hatte ich mir Flare Pink alerdings schon gekauft….schau mer mal, bin eigentlich eh nicht der Gloss-Typ.

  26. “en we zingen en we springen” kann ich mir noch ganz gut herleiten, aber mit “we zijn zo blij” habe ich etwas Schwierigkeiten(???). So fröhlich wie die alle aussehen, habe ich allerdings so eine gewisse Idee, was es heißen könnte. :)“Und wir sind so glücklich”. Totales gute Laune Lied find ich, ist das.

  27. Everybody’s Welcome….WHY do we judge so harshly?? Your message was right on! We tend to talk about people and bring them down instead of BEING NICE and bringing people UP. I know for me, I want to love people the way Jesus did (does)… I love welcoming people at CP…. I know what it’s like to be an “outsider” in an “insiders world”…

  28. Jag har fått in kommentarer via e-post. Är det bättre att skicka enkätlänken via e-post till de personer på folkbiblioteken som är kontaktpersoner för den vanliga statistiken?

  29. Lesson Plans Posted on Hi Matt! Lots of great practical ways to bridge the gap! We featured this article at our blog, and wanted to make sure this was acceptable. We were sure to give idea credit and a link back to your blog, but we'd love for you to take a look! If there are any problems, we'll remove the feature immediately!Thanks so much,Kayla Johnson

  30. Texas readers will want to see the comments from former Lt. Gov. Bill Ratliff that are posted on the blog page of our web page about the tragedy of Texas school funding. He spoke to an education conference last week about all this and called upon us to organize grassroots. We were happy to tell him we had done just that.. He recommended that we call ourselves Mothers Against Drunk Budgeting.

  31. People are smart. If you dumb everything down, they will be liturgically as dumb as the stuff you give them. Raise the level, and they will rise as well. What the dumbers-down are really saying is: “We want the liturgy to be dumbed down to our level!”They themselves do not appreciate, and are even repulsed, by the beauty of traditional Catholic worship. Otherwise, so far from trying to take it away, they would want everybody else to appreciate it.

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  34. Hola Julio César, que bueno verte de vuelta. Espero que te haya gustado el episodio cuando lo escuches.Gracias por avisarnos de esa oportunidad para ser zombies por un día, si tuviera más tiempo libre, me lo pensaba en serio. Tiene que ser toda una experiencia.Y sí, los zombies en 00podcast… están de camino.Un saludo y gracias por tu comentario.

  35. As an aside, call it the Paris Hilton Effect ― as in being famous solely for being famous ― but it certainly appears as though Spencer and, particularly, Geller have been infected by the celebrity meme.Since I do not track them at all there is no way to be sure but it really does seem as though both of them are becoming more concerned about cultivating and reinforcing their celebrity status than fighting in the Counterjihad.

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  38. Haitians are not human. Left on thier own, they would be extinct within a generation or two. Same as sub saharan Africa.It is so easy to get rid of them, just don’t help them. No welfare, no food stamps, just isolate them in their own areas for fifty years. Let them do all the dirty work by themselves. They hate themselves and eachother far more than any of us do.Black on black murder has always been their way.

  39. Liebe Nora und Frank, wir freuen uns mit Euch , dass alles so gut ging, heute morgen habe ich das Video von Robin gesehen, er ist so goldig.Am liebsten wäre ich jetzt bei Euch, ich würde ihn so gerne mal in den Arm nehmen. Gebt ihm viele Bussys von uns.Liebe Grüsse Sonja ,Mama und Opa u. Opa

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  43. Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass’ favor.

  44. Actually, this Tammy girl makes sense in her past articles.  She seems to be the only one who has the "nerve" to speak her mind and tell the actual truth how the Israelis are commiting atrocities and breaking international laws.  We all know the Jews control the USA.  Leave her alone, it isnt anyones business.  You are just turning her in a celebrity, lol.You rednecks need to wake up and get out of the barn.

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  53. Ay chicas!!! Yo he logrado sacarlo dos veces hasta ahora en casi 2 años… y les aseguro que cuando lo saco me da un miedito….Porque Él = violencia cero, pero el silencio guau es peor…Y como no me lo aguanto quiero revertir rapido la situación, al final no soy tan “macha” para la pelea, jajaj

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  56. “And perhaps the notion that the uni[multi]verse exists ‘within’ God is most helpful.”Yeah but again, cuddly, wishful thinking, connotations. I personally think it’s important to avoid projecting what you might want to be the case or what would be ‘nice’ when pondering the big questions like these.  Ryan  

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  58. Bathroom and books…Made me laugh because when I was potty training my daughter she wanted to have a book with her while she was on the toilet. She would stay on the toilet as long as it took to read her a particular book. I had to stop it when she grew older and got interested in longer books that took about 20 minutes to read.

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  63. Oh and I just remembered something else. Specifically, the trailer for Skyrim seemed specifically egregious in their assumption that the player character was male. Which is making me less than enthusiastic about it. ._.(Though come to think of it, Morrowind did the exact same thing IN THE GAME. Like, nobody even bothers to note that the prophecies your all fulfilling don’t fit your gender >.> Even the people who are trying to discredit you. ._. It was a tad jarring.)

  64. I had never heard of one either until I started doing living history programs at a local state historic site, and then I was intrigued! I’m knitting one for my daughter first (this one) and then I have plans to knit one for myself. It’s a neat idea — a great way to keep the torso warm without encumbering the arms with sleeves!

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