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  1. Two things: First of all… I WANT THAT CAKE NOW!! I am so hungry after seeing your King Cake pic. Yum!! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Secondly, thanks again for sharing your scrolling button code, with me. I love my new scrolling button addition to my sidebar!!Thanks again for joining us for Tempt My Tummy Tuesday.

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  5. Anonyymi 1, kurjaa, että on ollut tuollaiset kokemukset. Tuo vahvistaa sitä, että teen oman kätilön kanssa sopimuksen. Hauskaa kuitenkin, että olet tänne päätynyt, oli se sitten mita kautta tahansa! Anonyymi 2, en siis katso 🙂

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  12. over and over again, when she teaches the Craft: “The best symbol of a thing is the thing itself.”I think what I’m trying to say here is how essential it is that we not allow symbols to come between ourselves and “the thing itself,” when we are discussing matters of Spirit.

  13. Miam, ca a l’air bon les pates aux saucisses…Mais tu m’inquietes parce que moi sans enfant, ni a moi ni au voisin, sans chat ni chatons, sans stage de cheval, sans kermesse, bref sans rien je suis parfois depassee et fatiguee. Ca promet!

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  15. Teresa – Wow! What an adorable couple!! I can see why you would want to hang out with them!! I LOVE the lighting and the shot where he is kissing the top of her head is so sweet. She is flipping gorgeous!!!! You can tell they are in love!!! Thanks for sharing!

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  17. I've missed you, get one of them IPad thingummy wotsits for when you go away for a lifetime next time and blog daily!! ;-D It's turned flipping cold down here and I've got sore hips and I'm hoping that they don't become a serious issue. We watched Homeland too, darned good series. You'll be on the edge of your seat catching up!

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  24. OK I finally get at a computer where I can see the Mondo Cane poster, just in time for Pi Day! Speaking of which, it looks like someone ate the part with Hawaii on it… Otherwise it’s just OK…

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  36. Oh wow everytime I see a dresson you I think you look stunning and then the next day I see another one even more stunning! Its beautiful,I know what that old lady means about cheap tan lol you see loads of them around. Your tan is always nice xx

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  38. LPC: The reason that designing clothes doesn't really appeal to me is that frankly, I don't much like sewing. The small amount that I do for the hats is fine, but all that measuring, pinning, cutting, and all the rest is excruciating. Though maybe it wouldn't be so dreadful if I were better at it…Esz: Wow, Vogue Australia forum — cool! Welcome to the blog!

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  53. Rosie… I can hardly believe you are from Washington..these recipes are soo Southern! I am from southern Alabama and I grew up with these foods! I am loving your site lady! made the pork chops and yummm!! Keep them coming xoxo Nena

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