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  2. du schreibst: “ausgerechnet ein Krankenpfleger steckt hinter dieser Innovation…”Dazu mein Kommentar: Pflegepersonal war schon immer doof genug, sich selbst ein Bein zu stellen. Und wenn sie aufsteigen, wird’s leider ganz gefährlich…(ich darf das sagen – ich gehörte selbst dazu)admin: harte Worte, zumal wir nun gerade die Angehörigen der Berufsgruppe sind, die sich gegen solche Entwicklungen stemmen. Aber wir geben dir recht – davon gibt es wohl nicht genug.

  3. No one would be foolish enough to believe any Israeli promises for the future. Recall that the apartheid wall was declared at the time to be a “purely temporary” security measure that could be pulled down at the quirk of a finger and by no means was intended to establish any national boundaries.How long has it been since the court order the wall in Bi’lin to be rerouted? When has it happened? When will it happen? And in the meantime, while it doesn’t happen, the new settlement that the court called illegal is under construction, another fact on the ground.

  4. comentou em 11 de março de 2012 às 19:11. O make tá lindão! (tentei!) copiar hoje! hehe Mas o meu maior problemão foi o delineador, não ficou idêntico, mas quebrou o galho! É prática, né! como eu sou morena, usei o half ‘n half da mac nos lábios e adorei…esses mto claros como o Myth não ficam legal no nosso tom de pele! Mto obrigada, Petit! Vc é linda! Beijos

  5. Hey Blair Long time no see!! I like the first set of shelves but I love French Country!! Love the white dishes also!! And I enjoyed your post about hats…Problem is every where I look there are Cowboy hats hanging!!! HuHHH!!!

  6. Empress…….I call them the Rotten Apples. Kathy is a b i t c h on wheels. Little Vivi is gorgeous but she clearly is not the least bit interested in dancing and it’s sad that her mother is forcing her to do it.

  7. Thank you Yumiko. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, and I really liked your haiku…especially the “dancing universe”. I enjoyed seeing you too, and am already grateful for the wonderful food to come. Happy Thanksgiving! Scott

  8. Joe,White men invented trains, planes, cars, engines etc etc to do the work of slaves and serfs. Almost all of these things were pioneered by “crackers” or relations of “crackers”.Everyone else is just along for the ride. You are just guests.

  9. Vad kul att ni är peppade! 😀 Lando: Det ser jag alltid fram emot! ^__^Mike: Just det! 16:e om man använder julfrimärken. Lägger man pÃ¥ en femtioöring till vanligt frimärke sÃ¥ räcker det med den 22:a! 🙂

  10. Domnule Dr.,de fapt ne transmiteti ca atat asistenta, cat si angajatul au manifestat empatie (“ei insisi au suferit”), insa nu au avut sensibilitatea necesara ca sa si-o exteriorizeze intr-o maniera acceptabila.Lipsa sensibilitatii ii indeparteaza pe oameni unii de altii.Multumesc pt. articol.

  11. Agree wholeheartedly about Harry & Paul.I think it was last week when Parking Pataweyo hoped to put White Van Man Delroy out of business with a string of fines that he wished would force Delroy to become something useful, such as a parking warden, just like Pataweyo. I almost fell off my sofa in wonder. Comedy and some of it from a right of centre viewpoint – on the BBC!This Stephen Fry, is he a queer?Even the opening credits mock the USSRI’m guessing this will be their last series.   16 likes

  12. Am gasit blog-ul din intamplare, cautand o carte a domnului profesor, si nu ma pot abtine sa spun si eu doua vorbe despre dumnealui : un profesor extraordinar, cum nu credeam ca mai exista.

  13. Glad to see that the Future Baron has some wit (in both senses of the word). As soon as I saw that the French navy was nearby, I wondered why they didn’t help. Hopefully the Good Guys in the world will take heed of who helps and who sits by and watches.Though I think a nice missile into a couple of their attack boats would have sent an even better message.But no doubt, if we had engaged and hurt the Danish crew, then their government would have had a hissy fit at us for butting in.Darned if you do, and darned if you don’t.

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  16. Marvel and DC will not do better; they are fucked in the head; Comics, for them, are tertiary merchandise.They had a good run, but the time for hoping that those two companies might produce excellent comics had passed before I was born.They’re peripheral; anachronisms.Sack them, they loiter.

  17. It’s the first appearance of Idie Okonkwo, although u have fascinating ideas.one of the five lights of Generation Hope. She’s one of my favourites. Well, they’re all my favourites, but she’s intermittently hilarious and scary as hell to write. She’s also the one of the five who required the most research to write.

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  21. [88] 3bYes, noticed that. Also, recall that everyone smoked, even on the subway cars.Went back in 2007. Noticeably less smelly, and saw very few people smoking (and no one on subways).BTW, the bathing thing isn’t just the french. My german au pair was pretty “fragrant” initially, then “got it” but still has a certain “air” about her from time to time.

  22. Charlene. Ha! Made me smile. Crafty you~!Sally: They seem to be the only heeled shoes I can walk long distances in! It looks silly stumbling to the coffee shop in wobbly stilettos!!Lo Zephyr: Is shoulder bling the modern equivalent of shoulder pads??Trisha: FIEEEEEERCE indeed. Haha.

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  25. Why did I find your blog a month ago and then lost it for awhile? Never fear, I have it now PLANTED in my reader. So I’m crying over this! Maybe it’s because school’s getting ready to start or maybe it’s because of the memories reflection and what I WANT them to remember too, but this really struck an emotional chord with me. Thanks for your words, Kate.Missy | The Literal Mom recently posted..

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  40. KonfidensNja, det är väl ingen skattning utifrån ett urval, att svensktalande utgör runt 5 procent av grannens befolkning utan kända fakta. Hade i ett oberoende slumpmässigt urval om, säg, 1500 intervjuade 75 st. (dvs. 5%) förklarat sig ha svenska som modersmål, så hade en konfidensgrad på 0,95 gett en "felmarginal" på mellan 3,90 och 6,10 procent – allt enligt opinionsundersökarnas metod för beräkning av konfidensintervall.

  41. Joel, point of correction. Onetribe has written on his and your behalf and not all Nigerians. Nigeria is a highly diverse society and you can’t arrogate to yourself and your ilk the right to speak for everyone. You and Onetribe are entitled to your opinion and so are others including Peter2000 and your humble self. I only ask that you respect the right of others if you expect to enjoy yours, savvy?!!!

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  56. Hi Muhsine,Is it even legal for them to claim him back? Check what are your rights when it comes to that… I don't think he should be allowed back with the previous owner – they can't just shuffle him back and forth. And, anyway, if the kids didn't get along with him, what are the odds they will start to now?Also, you mentioned problems with his leg – I'd be scared maybe he was beaten before :/Hugs, Ola x

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