InCon Israel Reunion

Today went to CEO Sing K for Israel Reunion and celebration of Shiron’s Birthday.
At the beginning, all of us are quite shy and don’t want to be the first one to sing.
So Chris sang a few songs for a beginning.
After that, KK arrived. And it’s Shiron’s birthday celebration. Thanks CEO for inserting birthday song for us, and thanks every Israeli keeping this secret until today
We then have K lunch together. I can’t believe that we just ate so little food. It’s really unworthy that we paid so much and ate so little.
Around 2 o’clock, Stephanie, Joanne, Beverly and Elizabeth left, so finally number of boys > no. of girls.
Then we started to become crazy.
Joyce chose a series of rhythmic songs and Steven became more and more hyper.
He jumped on to the Sofa and “dance” on it!
We’ve even sang “海闊天空” and “勁歌金曲” finally.
When the time of booking was ended, we still don’t want to leave.
Steven proposed 清唱,so we sang a few songs.
And suddenly, I and KK started to sing 回憶,even青苗!
Jamilla finally can’t tolerate it, so she called me.
Since the atmosphere was disturbed, we decided to leave.
We left at 3:15 p.m.

Here are some photos. I am going to upload the video when it is edited.

Made 2 discoveries today.
1. KK, Chris and Steven are really K歌之王!
2. I have to practice singing more, otherwise would scare away all the people who go to sing K with me XD.

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