Elite Camp

St John’s College

University of Hong Kong

7 July – 8 July

12:00pm – 10:00 pm

So, let me go diving for two days, see you~

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  1. half is too little la , i wanna tear da whole test paper off :]]]] i almost fainted when i heard “pls check whether there is any missing pages , there should be a total of 19 pages n u hve 1hr n 45 mins . u may start now ……….. ” =_=”

  2. Hahahahaha i hv deep fried my Chem
    P.S. Dunno who so 大整估 to type the full mark of section A is 54 while it should be 39, so well it scares all of us off for losing so many marks [me nearly 30 if it’s  54 in total] LOL

    Anyway, u should consider burning the campus [kidding] by two means:

    1. short circuit with ice, juz to allow u some time to escape
    2. Rubidium [spelling mistake?] with water, but make sure u got sufficient time to escape as well

    ya know wht? I study Chem and Phy in order to know more ways to blow off the Labs. XD

  3. XDDD I love thinking of ways to blow off the Labs and Campussssssssss XDDDDDDDD

    Alrite it’s a “daily application” of what we have learnt XP Our teachers should reli appreciate tht hehe.