OSA Christmas Ball 2007 -?Soir嶪 Interstellaire ?

The OSA Ball tonight was quite fine.
The decorations were sparkle,
The OCs were so devoted,
The magic show was amazing~
The food(actually should be called snack) is monotone,
but still acceptable consider this number of participant.

But…………how come almost half of the participant is OSAers + OC =.=?
Where are the past participants?
May be this is the result of havning no InCon
Ya…….. and the boys are quite passive, compare with those two years ago,
the programme planning is a bit lenient,
and not enough OCs to lead the dance.
You know not many of us had tried dancing before………….

Although quite a number of friends are not coming, still met a lot of OSA friends there~

Anyway, last OSA activity in Secondary School life, fortunately not so bad~

P.S. Just found that the theme is nothing about with the ball………….
       KK, how come you left so fast? You owe me a photo arr!!

                   I and Gloriana

                       I & Johnny

                  I and Felix (oh, our smiles were so weird>.<“)

                               Christmas Tree =]