New Year Eve

Last Post of 2007

Let me post something here:

Compare top 5 MSN Messenger Chat History buddy between 2005(F4/F5) & 2007(F6/F7)


1. Jeremy Wong  1715KB
2. Erica Chan       1177KB
3. David Lee        705KB
4. Thomas Chan   676KB
5. William Lam     587KB


1. James Tam (I don’t know why, he should be in different timezone with me wor)       1351KB
2. David Lee (Just 1276KB? Are there missing records?)                                            1276KB
3. Shiron Chan (Finally you have surpass KK )                                                         1272KB
4. Kelvin Lai (well, you should add oil after AL XD)                                                      926KB
5. Steven Ng (How come? Virus/Trojan attacked my computer=.=?)                             652KB

So, what conclusion can be drawn?

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