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  1. I read that a business making $500,000 a year, which isn’t much, would need to lay off someone making $40,000 to $50,000 a year or employees earning that much combined to afford the penalty they would face if they don’t offer itefReerenc.s :

  2. may26yomismo Vaya, pero si decías que Google no indexa Flash… ¿en qué quedamos?Por cierto, yo no intento convencerte a ti. Tu puedes tener tu opinión formada y mantenerla aunque te demuestren que lo que dices no es cierto (como ocurre en política…). Lo que intento es que el que lea tu artículo sepa que es solo la opinión de un individuo, ya que durante todo el artículo parece que estuvieras sentando cátedraUn saludo

  3. mieux faire, en effet »Votre commentaire me laisse perplexe.Soit vous souhaitiez simplement paraphraser le mien, mais sans la parodie de bulletin scolaire, et alors : à quoi bon ?Soit vous pensiez envoyer une pique ironique suggérant l’inverse… et vous auriez alors mieux fait de tourner 7 fois vos mains sur votre clavier avant d’appuyer sur « envoi ». Car de mode, ce secrétaire général ne s’est certainement pas trompé.

  4. Hi Amber,I know what you mean about wanting to change up the blog. Mine is an ever work-in-progress. I think your blog name is great, though. It’s catchy and gives a pretty solid glimpse of who you are in just moments. It doesn’t seem to me like it’s pigeon-holing you, I wouldn’t change a thing.

  5. I am in my last week of a paleo food challenge and would love to win your cookbooks. I have been very focused on not cheating and can really see a difference. My palette has changed and I look forward to continuing on this journey of clean eating

  6. It will be interesting to see how many “monovacuum” folks will still be left actively working on string theory, if the anthropic folks end up having the most influence on the string research agenda.It would be interesting to go back into physics history and see which paradigms and research fields had a “kiss of death” once the experts were starting to use the anthropic principle in a “serious” manner.

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  9. já agora, e que falamos de Estado e de Greves, talvez se tenha esquecido de algumas greves em curso: – Governo faz Greve á renegociação das PPP's. – Governos faz Greve á renegociação efectiva da rendas da EDP.pois, diz que não são CORPORAÇÔES mas antes contratos, que não se podem mexer…!mas lá está, acho que : Os medicos, os pilotos TAP, os da CP, etc: tambem teem contratos, mas neste caso já se pode mexer, e se reclamam são considerados CORPORAÇÔES.( c'est lá vie…en orange!!!)

  10. AnonymousJanuary 9, 2006 at 4:04 pmSounds like a good investment to me. We are building a team that will be reaching its peak in a couple of years and Diably sounds like he could fit into this side. If your good enough your old enough and although an established centre midfielder would be nice i would be satisfied with a great prospect aslong as he was a contrasting player to our existing centre midfielders.

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  12. Io me ne intendo poco, ma sento dire in giro che quarantamila euro non sono neanche tanti per un logo (a prescindere adesso dal discorso che questo sia brutto o meno, a me non sembra orrendo ma credo qui ci sia gente più esperta di me).

  13. Do not – I REPEAT – do not blow yourself or beautiful House & Garden home up. Firstly, I always need somewhere to sleep when I make the journey to cold and windy Melbourne. And, second, who else am I going to torture by making them shop and drink with me when I am there? It’s all about you – isn’t it????

  14. Who cares? Canada had a unique culture that didn't deserve to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Arguments about the economic potential of various immigrant groups are a bit like that old joke that ends with the punchline "we've already settled what you are, we're just haggling over a price."

  15. Remek pisze:ZauważyÅ‚em, że bardzo dużo projektów na Twoim blogu to tak naprawdÄ™ przedruk rzeczy, które ktoÅ› wczeÅ›niej już wymyÅ›liÅ‚. Szczególnie z anglojÄ™zycznego netu. Szkoda, że to nie sÄ… materiaÅ‚y autorskie….:(

  16. Thank you for surprising my BFFL she is what i come to school for besides learning. I love her like family shes more than a friend. She looks out for me I do the same She loved this soooo much thank you She is every ones sunshine.

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  18. I pronounce "brew-sket-ta" because that's how my Italian friends say it but when I do it in Singapore, people look at me like I'm making a big faux pas.I see that you bought the donut shaped olive cookie. Do you like it? I quite like the plain 'soda piah' taste.

  19. I loved that too!Do you mind my asking, when did you begin speaking? I ask because you wrote “.. I did eventually speak.” So I was curious.I am really sorry to hear about your on-going depression. Is anything helping at all?

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  21. My goodness, have we forgotten Trump and what a jackass he turned to be on this issue? A media does not exist. I repeat, there is no media. As far as who are those people you've named, I don't know who the fuck they are, but they're not the media. There is no media. They're all bought and paid for. They all need to be told, or at least informed, we know they're lying. Turn them all off. Stop watching and/or listening. C'mon now. This is old hat.

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  23. PkInteresting travel.I visited that area in April during the Kumbh Mela. We wanted to visit Valley of Flowers; however, were told that frost hasn’t left completely. Hence we went more towards Pauri, Champa, Rishikesh and then of course to Haridwar for the Kumbh Mela.

  24. Well, it is the responsibility of each voter to vote based on the issues.So people who agree with him should vote for him, those who disagree with him should find a candidate that they agree with. But no, there should not be a wholesale attempt to “keep him out of the White House” – he has as much right to run for office as anyone else does.

  25. It’s funny that you bring this topic up because I’ve been giving it a LOT of thought lately myself! When I first turned my life around towards a healthy lifestyle, I kicked out all of the crazy ingredients I was consuming/using. Now that I’m at a stable weight and consider myself pretty darn healthy compared to the average Jane, I do allow unnatural products in ever so often, but not all the time.I’m sorry, but once I tasted the So Delicious hazelnut creamer (I’m a fan too ), there was no turning back. Hellooo titanium dioxide!

  26. c’est sur, :1) vous n’avez rien compris à ce que vous critiquez.2) il vaut surement mieux leur enseigner que si ils ne sont héritiers de milliardaire c’est que leur père était / est un fainéant.

  27. gsw, there's something about this that tells me the shooter's identity is inconvenient to the MSM,DoD and WH. The nature of the alleged shooter's duties–specialty, if you will–and the fact that his family was hustled off to the military base for "protection" raise red flags, in my opinion. Exactly who or what is being protected? Who does the military think is going to harm the family? Sounds more like the flow of information is being controlled under the guise of protection.But that's why I'm just a commenter, and smart bloggers are not running at the mouth until the other shoe has dropped. We'll see.

  28. Cuánta información tan interesante! Se ve que tú sí has investigado muchísimo sobre el apellido Moran. Voy a tomarme más tiempo para leer los enlaces que me enviaste. Disculpa si no respondí a mayor brevedad. A veces las cuestiones familiares y de trabajo dominan los días pero aun así no es pretexto. Gracias y ojalá sigamos en contacto! Guillermo.

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  30. I love this drawer, and Souther’s as well. After following your link to his site and then his partner’s (love both of their work!) I realized that their studio is just a couple blocks from our house! I’ve always wondered who was working in that great space and now I can imagine the art that is being made there.Cool.Love seeing what inspires you, Camilla!

  31. Så jäkla bra kommentar till den anonyma tjejen som mådde illa :)Skönt att du inte tar till dig av avundsjuka jantelags tjejer!!!Kramar Från en trogen läsaren som mår bra av din blogg ;)Caroline

  32. Such beautiful creatures. I had no idea they shed their antlers – and in seeing your photos really can see how absolutely HUGE they are (both the reindeer and their antlers!).

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  39. Oh, Anne Carson. I love her books. Yeah, I’ve written stuff down on scattered scraps, too: post-it notes, corners of newspapers, match books, used envelopes, business cards, etc. Here’s a thought: take all those scraps and get them bound into a tiny flip book: scribbled ideas on the verso, pre-printed ephemera on the recto. What a one-of-a-kind object that would be.

  40. Jason – Congratulations! I hear great things about Morocco :)ladybug – It’s just a little Canon PowerShot S410 — small, tough, and takes great pictures. Any compromises on image quality or control are more than compensated for here by its discreet size. It’s starting to develop some quirks, but I figure that’s justified after two years of hard use in rough conditions.Left by clare on October 12th, 2006

  41. Did any of you check out Becoming the Archetype’s last EP Celestial Progression? It contained 6 remixed songs from the Celestial Completion album – mostly electronic, some with a little dubstep influences which was actually pulled off pretty well! It was a rather good EP! And let’s not forget about Celestial Completion – probably the most original metal release of 2011!!Plus, they have a new single available now on iTunes titled “The Time Bender”, which was released last Friday. Good solid HEAVY tune!

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  43. Greg, good points. Other benefits the Roth has over traditional accounts is that you can take the contributions out of a Roth penalty free (like for an emergency). With the traditional accounts, the money is locked up until you are 59 1/2, and you will be assessed the income taxes plus a 10% penalty if you take it out before then (unless you have a qualified hardship) — so it is best to have other savings (emergency funds) before investing in the traditional accounts.

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  48. What you said made a lot of sense. But, think about this, what if you added a little content? I mean, I dont want to tell you how to run your blog, but what if you added something to maybe get peoples attention? Just like a video or a picture or two to get people excited about what youve got to say. In my opinion, it would make your blog come to life a little bit.

  49. I saw this page on Facebook, Yvonne, and just had to come over to your blog to let you know how much I love it!!!! The photos are adorable, and all of your details are so creative and make for a wonderful layout!

  50. STUNNING! I have exactly the same French dinner plates – lovely aren't they! Thinking about it, I also have the little mini le Creuset pots – you are truly a woman after my own heart – lol! x

  51. Till Maria, som tydligen inte läste kommentaren hon svarade pÃ¥:”De [som gnäller] motsätter sig att olika grupper (i detta fall kvinnor och män) tvingas att ha olika kläder pÃ¥ sig när de arbetar.”Problemet är inte att de inte vill ha klänning, problemet är att de tvingas pÃ¥ grund av sina kön, vilket är minst lika fel som att tvingas pÃ¥ grund av sin etnicitet.

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  56. ATTACHING VIDEOS: I'm back with even more complaints and suggestions… :o)) What's the deal with the limited video attachment feature whenever I send a mail? Why does the list of videos for me to choose from only show the last 20 videos I uploaded? I can choose any of the videos I ever uploaded when posting a video response, so why not here? :o(

  57. Te entiendo perfectamente. Yo me sentía igual antes de tener a mis ninos. Creo que no debes dejar el tiempo pasar y si realmente los quieres o lo necesitas (las mujeres estamos programadas para eso, no tienes que sentirte culpable) y puedes permitirtelo vete al banco de sémen manana mismo o a la oficina de adopción. Yo estoy segura de que querría igual a un nino adoptado, y si pudiera permitirmelo adoptaría uno o dos ninos…Yo era de las que pensaban que no querían ninos…Animo

  58. Ma hai iniziato la frase dicendo “replicante minaccia”…Il “se” era solo per chiedermi una conferma. Scusa, ma te non dovevi andare via? Anche nell’altro post dove scrivi, sei arrivata dicendo “ora vado a caccia”, qui invece sei tornata dicendo “buona serata a tutti e buona cena”: vuoi fai credere che sei solo di passaggio, eppure alla fine si vede che non hai altro da fare che rispondere.

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  60. I'm excited about the 3D conversion!However the Edit info page contains the following text "To change the 3D video settings, click on "Edit info" on the video page". I go to the video page and there's only an "Edit details" button. Help! I'm stuck in a loop! Is the beta not on the UK site?

  61. There is no way I would have predicted the look on your lids from those colors in the pan. They totally look purple! I know. Will I never learn to stop judging colors by how they look in the pan? Probably not. At least I’ll continue to be surprised by the difference. Oh, and these pinks are great on you!

  62. Buenas noches,Me han hecho un arrastre de color y el pelo se me ha estropeado mucho, está muy seco, sin vida y no digamos de color, lo tengo más claro por unas parte que por otras. Me han dicho que ahora sólo pueden darme pigmentos naturales y n tratamiento de aceites esenciales y que aguanté lo máximo posible sin teñirme pero no se qué hacer, porque tengo bastantes canas.Por favor, que me aconsejáis ?

  63. Jason: Thanks for for the review, I greatly appreciate it. As I noted I’m just starting to learn the processing bit, and beyond knowing the tools, learning what to do in different circumstances to improve an image is huge. I’ll probably take some of your suggestions and mess with the image some more to see what I come up with.Thanks again.

  64. nmpaknya saudara anwar ni lebih suka menaikan kawan tak seagama…. bagi dia yg seagama ngan dia walaupun benar tetap salah… disebabkan gila kuasa… sesungguhnya politik ini terlalu kotor… sudah tau kawan dia tu kutuk dia tak mau2 hari tu…tetap beri semangat konon… penting kuasa betul anwar

  65. The name thing is funny. I loved my last name but took my husband’s name when we got married (it’s a good one, too). Professionally, though, I use my former last name as my middle name so I go with the 3 names (not hyphenated). I changed it to that on my ss card and license and all that. Thirty days — exciting!

  66. The banks have done little to help those in need. We bailed out the banks and they did not keep their end of the bargain. They raised interest rates on credit cards, made it harder for people to refinance and aren’t lending and take too long to help those in need refinance. This should not be allowed.

  67. I’m catching a train up the coast this morning, because my dad has been in hospital over the weekend and will be coming home tomorrow, so I’m going to be there to help my mum get him settled in back home. I have quite a lot of work to catch up on as well, so blogging from me will be a bit light this week.

  68. Thanks for the input, everyone. I agree that it’s a bit of a complex issue as far as knowing where to balance the “fun” and the “fear” factors. It’s not like I hate costumes and don’t enjoy seeing cute kids dressed up like pumpkins and princesses. I think it’s the hardcore horror (and how acceptable people seem to find it) that gets to me.

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  70. eh halo~ at least masa dia kawin dulu takde la org kutuk majlis kawin dia kena bahan oleh sponsor jadi model barang2 kemas, majlis kawin total 12 juta tapi takde benda dan yang paling penting, GAUN WEDDING MCM BARU KELUAR DPD MESIN BASUH~ HOHOHO!! ko nak suruh si memey tu peluk norman dpn abby pakai gaun tu ke? ah please.. dia tambah stress bkn sbb jeles tp sbb tengok muka si memey yg tak tau malu tu~!!Well-loved.

  71. Okay so this may sound corny and off topic, but I feel like I have a home here with friends who feel as I do…maybe not on all issues, but friends just the same. We will get through this hell…Buraq’o8 are you listening? SueK are you there? Army D.A.V.? We have much in common. JeffM, thank you for your input in the last 24 hours. Old Salt, you are one in a million….and Zach, you feel like an old friend. My thanks to everyone here. God Bless All of You. You’re in my prayers always.

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  77. USA won and advances to second second round of the world cup….OOPS, the little mind saigonese vantran fanatics do not care anyway.Sorry ‘kimmies’, my bad.

  78. Je trouve que les hommes et femmes politiques ont autant droit à être décoré que les autres citoyens… Le copinage me paraît en outre beaucoup moins aisé envers les premiers, que les médias surveillent de près, qu’envers les seconds. Si, demain, je décrochais la légion d’honneur grâce à un copain bien placé, je pense que ça ne ferait pas une ligne dans les journaux.

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  80. Jenn, I’m afraid my treadmill is going to be going into overdrive when I get home! I know what you mean–most of the food is amazing, but a few things are definitely an eye-opener!

  81. Pregnancy brain? It exists long after you give birth, I am living proof!!I love your list of things you need to remember!Life As Wife recently posted..

  82. Lovely photos!You are getting good at what you’re doing! I don’t think I’ve ever greeted you Happy New Year so yeah–Happy New Year! lol.thank you Angel

  83. Just wow, she is fantastic and so beautiful. I would love to see her advertise a beauty brand for sure. She has lovely skin and those cheekbones…..wonder what her beauty secrets are. When you think about it it is ridiculous makeup brands using 20 and 30 somethgn models to advertise their products. It is those that have aged really well that could really shift some products off the shelves.

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